Here are 10 warning signs that your servo equipment needs to be fixed

Is the servo equipment you own now noisier or less efficient than it was when you first got it? Most likely, all your servo equipment requires is a complete inspection, cleaning, repair, and simulated machine test.

The following list of 10 warning indications might help you prevent unscheduled equipment downtime by explaining 10 warning signs that your servo equipment needs maintenance.

1. Noisy Servo Devices

If your servo equipment is louder than usual, pay attention to the sound. If the noise from your servo parts increases, it may be a sign that the bearings, keyway, shaft, and/or fans need to be replaced.

2. Draw numerous amps

If the servo equipment you have is using a lot of amps, there may be an issue with an internal component, the windings may have failed, or the servo equipment as a whole may be nearing failure. Do not wait for a malfunction of your servo equipment.

3. Servo equipment flaws

You should be aware of problems with servo equipment such as alarms, thermal defects, and overcurrent. The next step is to identify the source of any issues you may be experiencing.

4. dirty heatsinks

Heatsinks are intended to dissipate heat from servo equipment; when they become clogged with dirt, however, they are unable to do so, causing the servo equipment to overheat. IGBTs are liable to blow once the servo machinery overheats and malfunctions.

Make sure your servo equipment doesn’t become overheated. If the heatsink is dirty, there could be further pollution and damage to the equipment.

5. Damage to the Body

Physical damage to servo equipment can be caused by personnel, forklifts, and other external factors. Accidental physical damage to your servo equipment can lead to performance problems.

Before using it with your gear, it is advisable to have your servo equipment inspected and checked. If a defective piece of servo equipment is installed or used in your plant, you run the danger of making a small problem worse.

6. Polluted

Dust, oil spray, and coolant are just a few of the environmental toxins that might harm your servo equipment. Contamination has the potential to cause internal component failure, excessive heating, and significant damage to the servo equipment.

Your servo equipment’s interior is likely dirtier than the exterior. It is not a good idea to wait for your servo equipment to malfunction as a result of dirt.

7. Oil-soaked cables

Coolant is a crucial tool for cooling down machinery, but it can easily drip down and saturate the wires in your servo equipment with coolant’s oil. As a result of the oil being absorbed into it, insulation degrades. If the insulation on the individual wires inside the cable deteriorates, the exposed wires will transfer electricity across one another, shorting the servo equipment.

Try to avoid getting coolant on your wires, and check your cables frequently for signs of deterioration.

8. Use of Equipment Too Much

If you run your servo equipment for a long time at a high current, your stator can short. Servo equipment has a certain rated capacity for operation. If your servo equipment is used for a lengthy period of time at a capacity higher than it is rated for, it will last less time.

9. Ineffective cooling fans

Even with routine upkeep, cooling fans will eventually wear out. Your servo equipment’s overheating is a result of malfunctioning cooling fans. Some servo equipment has sensors that cause it to turn off when the cooling fan stops. Your servo equipment for the equipment without sensors may overheat and the IGBTs may explode if you do not quickly discover the defective fan.

10. No preventative maintenance programme is in place

If it has been roughly a year since the component was repaired and is not currently on a preventative maintenance programme, your servo component is likely ready for a thorough inspection and preventative repair. You can avoid unanticipated downtime with a preventive check and repair, even if your servo component hasn’t yet broken.

Your servo equipment will undergo a preventative inspection and repair that will replace all of the contaminated and damaged components. Your servo equipment will be professionally cleaned and checked before being returned to you in brand-new condition.

If you are experiencing any of the ten issues mentioned above, send your item in for repair right away to prevent additional breakdowns and unanticipated downtime for your machinery.

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