Separation is distressing for everybody included. It tends to be especially disturbing for men, who stress over predisposition in family court frameworks that have generally preferred ladies. Situated in Tulsa, New Beginnings Family Law is a separation law office that defends the privileges of men. We center around guaranteeing that men are dealt with genuinely in each part of the separation cycle.

Getting separated can be unpredictable. Couples should resolve basic lawful issue including property division, divorce settlement, youngster authority and kid support. In particular, separating from mates need an understanding that guarantees that their kids will get the adoration and assets that they merit. Achieving those objectives requires the information and abilities of a mindful and capable Tulsa separate from mens divorce lawyer in tulsa

For over 10 years, the attorneys at New Beginnings Family Law have battled for men’s privileges in Tulsa separate from procedures. We help spouses and fathers ensure key connections and get equivalent treatment as per the law.


Divorce requires a great deal of dynamic at a basic defining moment in a day to day’s life. Our lawyers know about the generalizations that occasionally plague men in family matters. We can address any ridiculous cases with the goal that the divorce continues easily. Our men’s divorce legal counselors likewise share the conviction that kids advantage most when they approach the two guardians (when fitting). We will pay attention to your interests and ensure that they are tended to speedily.

The lawyers at New Beginnings Family Law consistently plan to determine debates with your mate out of court. However, on the off chance that no arrangement can be reached, our backers have a solid presence in Tulsa courts and will guard your privileges and ensure your youngsters. We go as far as conducting origin traces by the help of Long Lost Families UK agencies to determine true origins of beneficiaries even where a sudden death cuts into previous negotiations.


Our Tulsa attorneys support clients in many sensitive matters related to divorce, including:


Otherwise called spousal help or upkeep, provision is cash paid to your mate after divorce. The sum and term of the divorce settlement installment varies for couples dependent on the points of interest of the marriage. For instance, on the off chance that you were the family provider you might be approached to make provision installments until your ex-mate becomes self-supporting, remarries, lives with another accomplice or passes away. For the most part, the more drawn out the marriage, the almost certain a divorce settlement grant will be.

Tulsa makes a few contemplations while deciding whether spousal help is justified, for example,

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of the spouses
  • The ability of each spouse to support themselves
  • Why the marriage failed
  • The income of both partners
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Extenuating circumstances (for example, if a spouse has a permanent disability)

Tulsa has no set recipe for figuring upkeep installments however considers factors, for example, regardless of whether a gathering can pay given their pay level and important everyday costs. Divorce settlement might be brief, paid in a singular amount, rehabilitative or intermittent.

Our men’s divorce lawyers can prompt you on how support may apply in your divorce procedures. We can likewise help if a support installment should be adjusted or halted if conditions change for one or the other party.

Property Division

  • Most divorces include some measure of property division. That may incorporate land, resources, obligations and individual property procured during the marriage. This is called conjugal property. Non-conjugal property, for example, individual property that you had before marriage as well as private legacies, are regularly excluded from property division.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what comprises conjugal versus non-conjugal property. Different occasions, couples will be unable to concede to how property ought to be separated. In those conditions, the Tulsa courts will make those judgments for you.

•    In disagreements regarding property, a few states split the resources and obligations similarly between the life partners. Be that as it may, Tulsa is an impartial dispersion state. Maybe than split things down the middle, the court will partition the property such that it considers reasonable for the two players.

  • In property division, the court will first: Determine conjugal and non-conjugal property.Assign a monetary value to the property.

•        Divide the property in what it’s anything but a reasonable and impartial way.

Remember that “impartial” doesn’t signify “equivalent.” It is workable for one companion to wind up with extensively more property than another in a divorce. That is the reason it’s typically fitting to attempt to settle on property division choices outside the court. Working with a men’s divorce legal counselor is a smart thought so you comprehend the possible results of property division, both in court and out.

Father’s Rights after Divorce in Tulsa

Divorce is a wild encounter for youngsters. At New Beginnings Family Law, we ensure father’s privileges by pushing for kid authority plans that put the family’s general benefits first. Couples who have contrasting suppositions on what will be best for the youngster may require the court’s assistance to settle on those choices.

In Tulsa, care choices include taking a gander at the two guardians’ abilities to really focus on the kid. Then, at that point an adjudicator will figure out who ought to have lawful authority (rights to settle on choices about the youngster’s wellbeing, schooling and government assistance) and actual care (where the kid will live and how long each parent will go through with the kid).

Tulsa law perceives that youngsters for the most part toll best when they can cooperate with the two guardians, even after divorce. As a rule, joint guardianshipcourses of action permit kids to invest energy with each parent and protect the family bond.

Child Support in Tulsa

Youngster support is compulsory in Tulsa. The two guardians are required to accommodate their youngsters monetarily. The courts utilize explicit rules to set up the measure of kid support that ought to be paid, including: The number of children in the family

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Daycare expenses
  • Health insurance costs

Youngster support laws are organized with an end goal to be reasonable for the two guardians. However, tragically, there are still ways that the situation can be controlled to make one parent’s commitment considerably more than the other. Our Tulsa men’s divorce legal advisors can dissect your monetary conditions so your commitments are not slanted unreasonably. We ensure that your youngsters will consistently have what they need to flourish and develop.