Handy Explains How to Make Money by Working at Home

With the current pandemic looming large over our heads, there are many people who have been retrenched, and getting a new job is quite difficult in this scenario. If you are looking at a new career path and want to earn by working from home, there are many options available online. There are many online jobs that are legitimate and great when it comes to work-satisfaction. In this article, Handy lists out a few areas where you can earn handsomely by working from home.

The Ways

1. Online tutor – The best way to put your education to use is to become an online tutor. The concept of teaching children remotely from the comfort of your home is a great way to earn money. You can outline the curriculum suited for the student’s needs and put forth a fee towards it. You can also keep an hour open for all students where they can ask any questions for which they may be charged. With just dedicating a few hours to online teaching you may start earning beyond your expectations.

2. Data Entry job – Companies these days require data entry professionals who need to log into the company’s database system and make certain entries and use the data for certain other purposes. A simple higher secondary degree and the basic knowledge of computer skills are sufficient for this job. You can always earn some extra bucks by this job that may also have flexible working hours.

3. Amazon Seller – One of the largest and most popular eCommerce sites, Amazon also allows you to sell your item on it. There are many success stories of people who started selling some items on Amazon and made it big. You can also start scouring your locality for some unique items and sell them on Amazon that has a wider reach. If you are good at any handcrafted products this is a good platform to showcase your talent and earn some money.

4. Write an eBook or start a blog – If you have a great penchant for writing, you now have an opportunity to earn through it. You can create a blog to publish your articles or write an eBook and self-publish it online. Once you have a good number of followers you can look for paid advertisements for your website. Writers also have the opportunity to list their eBooks online and earn money with each download.

5. Online Store – If you have great entrepreneurial skills, but you are tied to home due to certain reasons and fear of big investments, going online is a great option. You can open an online store with products of your choice and start marketing them on various social media platforms. With proper marketing skills and strategy, you can earn handsomely from your home by just investing your time and a little money.


According to Handy, earning money from the comfort of your home has never been easier. The internet has made it easier to connect with people from all over the world and carry out business opportunities like never before.