Great Ideas Of House Extensions For Small Houses In Essex

Looking around for house extension ideas to make your house look roomy? Do you need to extend your small house? Give a try at some of the great ideas in the list as discussed below.

Extend Into Garden Space

One of the best ideas for small house extensions Essex is to extend into your garden. If you have a small garden area attached to the main house, you may prefer extending into this area. As an instance, retracting glass doors may be used to merge some part of the garden area into your living room. It allows you to have some extra space to keep some furniture items that otherwise block the walkway.

Use The Balcony For Extension Purpose

In case you have a small balcony in your house in the upper rooms then you may use the same for extension purposes. It may be converted into a small storeroom, study room, exercise area and so on. You just need to enclose the same with the help of suitable structures.

Opt For Roof Extension

Again it is a great idea that may serve your purpose well. You may prefer going ahead with roof extensions as you may get considerable space there. It can be converted into an extra room for the guests or a play area for children or you may use it as your home office whenever needed.

Convert Your Kitchen Into Open Type

If you have a small kitchen that looks congested with all the stuff then you must prefer converting it into an open type kitchen. You may remove the wall that may act as a barrier between your kitchen and the dining area. In place of the wall, you may install moveable cupboards with worktops over them. Thus you can get extra space effortlessly in your kitchen.

Extending In The Backyard Is A Great Option

It is also a wonderful house extensions Essex idea that may allow you to have breathable space in your house. You may extend your bedroom or other areas of your home such as the washing area, washrooms and so on into the backyard and use the same in the desired manners. Even you may prefer shifting your internal staircase to the backyard to create a utilisable space.

These are all some of the amazing ideas in the list that may allow you for house extensions in excellent manners even in small houses. This in turn allows you to use the otherwise unutilised space most optimally.