Get the Powerful 2023 Ford Mustang Quickly  

Get the Powerful 2023 Ford Mustang Quickly  

Ford Mustang is one of those vehicles that people need to think about before buying. It is a straight-up monster that can handle any car on the road or track. This iconic car is available from certified dealers which is why you need to visit Navajo County Ford dealer quickly. From having a powerful engine to a classic style that is a head-turner, this car has it all. 

Get this powerful car quickly 

When opting for a muscle car, there is no need to think twice. A Ford Mustang is a winner in every aspect and that’s why people don’t waste time thinking about whether they should get it when it’s Mustang. The reason for not having to think twice is because: 

Amazing engine 

Its standard 310 horsepower four-cylinder Eco Boost turbocharged engine has more power than old V8s that used to sit under the hood of a Mustang. Moreover, there is an optional package available for high performance that increases horsepower to 330. Also, it adds a responsive and more melodic Eco Boost system for this car to be a straight-up beast. 

Moreover, there is an Eco Boost Handling optional package that makes this vehicle track ready for every moment. This engine is combined with a manual 6-speed as its standard transmission; however, there is also an automatic 10-speed available that most people opt for as it makes this car faster than ever. 

In addition, this car delivers a controlled and comfortable driving experience to people that use it for daily usage. The electric steering system is ideally light when used in Comfort driving mode and is adequately weighted in other modes. The brake pedal offers a firm reassurance and can be implemented smoothly when driving at a high speed. 

Also, it is one of the most fuel-efficient muscle cars that you can purchase. It provides a mileage of 22 mpg in cities and 32 mpg on highways. More powertrain-related information will be provided when you reach Navajo County Ford dealership


The interior of a Mustang is simply an evolution that start from the time it was first launched in the market. Sports seats along with other features to enjoy include heated and cooled seats and more. Also, it has impressive cargo space as it can hold 12 carry-ons which most muscle cars can’t. Other features include Wi-Fi hotspots, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc. 


Even being such an iconic vehicle, it is quite reasonably priced by Ford. The base model Eco Boost starts from $29,145; Eco Boost Premium is priced at $34,170, GT costs $39,720, GT Premium is $44,740, and Mach 1 costs $57,945.

Each of these versions of this vehicle comes with numerous changes. Hence, you should visit a dealer to know about all specifications of these trims and then decide which would be ultimately better for your needs. 

Mustang is an iconic vehicle from Ford and there is no reason why you should think about this vehicle twice before buying it. What you should think when buying is how envious people will be when they see you driving a Mustang!