Four advantages of dancing on a sprung floor

Sprung floors have become a favorite choice amongst dancers for a long time due to their ability to reduce injuries and improve performance. The impact of dancing on concrete solid or flooring, un-sprung surfaces will cause micro-injuries and stress muscles and joints. With time it will develop into extra serious injuries.

Sprung dance floor builds a more supportive platform for many dancers. It gives them energy back into movements so they can keep dancing for a long time. Installing a sprung flooring solution on your studio or stage will allow your dancers to perform in complete confidence and excellently executed choreography and unforgettable events.

Sprung floor explanation

Sprung floors are mainly designed to offer increased support for dancer’s muscles and joints during performances and rehearsals. Without the backup of a sprung floor, sharp movements will cause stress to the ankles, feet, and legs.

It will change into severe injuries that could impact a dancer’s ability to perform. It also returns some of the energy from jumps, leaps, and energetic movements, which will reduce pain in the legs.

Traditionally, sprung dance floors attempted to support dancers by creating bouncy flooring. Using woven wooden or metal spring panels beneath the surface. From this, changing different styles of sprung dance flooring addressed the needs of varying dance styles.

Who can use the sprung floors?

Sprung floors are the best for dancers from all dance styles, including classical, tap, ballet, and many more. These floors also offer perfect solutions for a variety of indoor sports. Sports such as tumbling and gymnastics require bouncy sprung floor styles made from underlying springs.

While other indoor activities such as basketball and badminton will also benefit from sprung flooring platforms to sprung floors reduces micro-injuries and the severity of impact injuries.


Investing in a sprung dance floor has the following benefits to dancer;

  • Reduces accidents

This floor prevents dancers from micro-injuries to their muscles or joints.

  • Improve dance performance

A sprung dance floor creates a more forgiving surface hence improving the dance performances.

  • Reduces dancer’s fatigue level

The sprung dance floor returns expended energy rather than absorbing it. It reduces the fatigue that a dancer can encounter.

  • Surface and style

Ensure that as you purchase a sprung dance floor, consider the surface and style. Choose the most suitable for dancers who use your stage or studio. It will offer the proper support for their different type of dancing styles.


Sprung floors are the best flooring solution for different types of dance styles. From ballroom and ballet dancing to percussive dance styles such as Irish and tap dancing. Investing in the right sprung dance floor means an investment in your dancer’s health, performance, and career.

There are a range of premium sprung dance floors that can host different styles of dance. Dancing is a fun-filled activity, and to others, it therapy from the stressful day-to-day life activities.

To those who dance professionally, investing in a sprung floor is worth the try.