Find out all you need to know about Suspender Belts!

Before we begin to explore the A to Z’s of Suspender Belts, it seems quite essential to learn what suspender belts are. So, here goes –

What Are Suspender Belts?

Suspender belts are just a type of belt that is worn mostly by women to keep up their stockings. No matter the kind of stockings in use, the chances of them running down the thighs are highly likely. In order to keep them locked to the thighs, suspender belts are used.

Suspender belts fall as a part of the underwear line. There are so many varieties of suspender belts in the marketplace – classified on the basis of their sizing, make and material, luxe and everyday wear to offices, special occasion ones.

There are even so many choices based on style and color. The straps attached to the suspender belts come adjustable according to one’s requirement. At the end of these straps is attached a clip that can be clipped to the sides of thigh high stockings and tights.

Suspender belts are also known by the name – garter belt. The suspender belts are fastened with the help of hooks, just like in bras. These fasteners are also adjustable according to the tightness preferred.

They can also be divided into types on the basis of the number of straps they have, such as – 6 strap suspender belt, 12 strap suspender belt, 14 strap suspender belt, and even plus size suspender belts.

History of Suspender Belts

In the beginning, stockings were made, putting together a piece of fabric and sewing it down to create a belt-like form that used to help women keep their stocking up. After this, around the time 1939, the first pair of nylon pantyhose was invented – hoping to put the stockings business out of business. However, by then, stockings had become an essential item as a part of the wardrobe of a woman.

It was instantly popular with ladies and even seen to be taken as a symbol of sex appeal and class. So, the stockings didn’t go out of business and continued to boom. Thus, the garter belt grew more popular among women and was also gifted to women by men that explicitly wanted to spend time with them.

How Are Suspender Belts Worn?

The whole shape and make of garter belts/suspender belts – looks complicated. Wearing it, however, is not as complicated as it looks. In just a few steps, you can put up stockings and garters. Here are the steps involved to help you don a pair of suspenders.

  1. Place the suspender belt around your waist. (Choose according to your comfort)
  2. Make sure while you do this, that the straps are aligned with your legs.
  3. After this, fasten the hooks according to the tightness you prefer for the suspenders.
  4. Essentially it looks a bit more presentable and nice when they are fastened on the back of your belly. Adjust to your preference and then let it fall well onto your thighs.
  5. Traditionally speaking, suspender belts (garters) were used on stocking without a silicone rim. However, for the purpose of easiness in using the suspenders, opt for a stocking that has a silicone rim for starters.

Which is the best kind of Suspender Belt?

If you are looking to purchase a kind of suspender belt that is best suited to your needs, here are a few of the kinds that you might enjoy.

  1. Four Strap Suspenders

This is the minimum strapped suspender available in the market. It contains two straps on the bag and two on the front side. However, having the least amount of straps doesn’t make it the worst choice. For an evening out or regular work at the office every day, this seems like the perfect sort of suspender belt in comparison to getting one that has 12 strap suspender belts or 14 strap suspender belts.

2. Six Strap Suspender

Six strap suspenders, on the other hand, might just be the perfect size for suspender belts. Not only do they look fabulous – they are far more secured down, especially if you are looking for one for the boudoir needs. They will hold down securely during the entire period of your wedding event.

3. Eight Strap Suspenders

There is no way that your stockings will slip or sag even a bit if you have on the eight strap suspender belt. There is no need to even worry about what’s happening under your skirt the whole day. You don’t need any amount of adjusting and if you are actually are the kind of person who is unsure of how things will go. Even checking multiple times if you’ve locked your car door, just to be sure. Then this is the perfect one for you. Get yourself the eight strap suspender belt. They will secure you down without a single element of worry.

This right here is all you need to know about suspender belts, apt historical information about their existence, evolution, growth, and change through centuries and the current scenario of the kinds now available out in the market.