Excellent Reasons for Attending Church Services

Many people who regularly attend church services at their local church do not realize the benefits and positive results they receive in addition to religious performance. Those who rarely attend church services because they prefer to pray at home can reap much more help than they think.

But now that you’re an adult, you start to wonder why people go there. Christians have different opinions and answers about why they attend Planetshakers Melbourne church. Still, it is more than just a way to practice your religion and show others your beliefs and traditions.

Here are important things we can get when we decide to spend a day at church:

Develop your spiritual power.

Going to church is like taking your daily dose of spiritual vitamins to help you get through the rest of the week and help you stay strong amid trials and hardships. It is not only about strengthening your life’s physical and intellectual aspects; more importantly, we should also try to focus on and strengthen our spirituality. The church is the place where we usually hear the Word of God and can meditate on it.

Feel the presence of God more fully.

When we attend church, we will have the opportunity to experience God’s presence more fully. It doesn’t matter if there are many participants because we must remember God’s promise that He will be with them when two or more gather. Besides, there are things that Christ can do that He cannot do at any other time. Most of the time during the week, people are busy with work, study, and other things that they cannot listen to and pay attention to that still small voice of God speaking to them. However, God can fully communicate with you when you attend church and meditate quietly.

Be in fellowship with other Christians.

One obvious reason Christians should attend church is to associate with other Christians. To fully mature spiritually, we cannot do on our own. We need other people who can help and support us to achieve the greatest spiritual growth we can have. Always look at the cross to remind yourself how important fellowship is—we should always have vertical fellowship with God and horizontal fellowship with other Christians. When we can love and work in unity with other believers, it helps us to remain humble before God and further helps us see that only God can cleanse us from our sins.


A true Christian does not attend a church service for a superficial reason. When you go to church, you can become spiritually stronger, be closer to God, and have lasting relationships with other Christians like you. If you think going to church is boring or doesn’t mean anything, remember these things.