Dürr Testing Systems – Expanding the frontiers in building top quality vehicles

Dürr’s Final Assembly Systems in India provide designs and process-oriented solutions on Testing for adjusting headlights, driver assists systems, vehicle dynamics testing, and wheelbases. Due to their test technology precision at the end-of-line, Dürr’s Automotive Final Assembly Systems in India dispenses reliable quality at the time of delivery.

The adjustment and testing systems of the organization provide assistance to the manufacturer of commercial and passenger vehicles with adjustments solutions such as headlight setting x-light, roller dynamometer x-road, wheelbase geometry x-wheel, driver assisting and systems x-DASalign. Moreover, it also meets the highly stringent demands of the authorities on consumption and safety.

Dürr enables organizations to achieve many goals by completing critical tasks successfully. For instance, Durr products help organizations reach their environmental sustainability goals.

The different systems built by Dürr are: –

Autonomous driving passenger cars

Dürr has developed intelligent testing technology to make future vehicles move autonomously.  It will help the company in achieving the goal of consistently increasing production efficiency.

The two types of tests in autonomous driving passenger cars are:

  1. Multi-function test stand passenger cars
  2. Multi-sensor calibration test stand Passenger Cars

Electronics testing

The x-tronic technology saves work hours and process time by carrying out test tasks in parallel. An omnipresent test system for vehicle electronics and electrics was created to execute the scalable tasks from an individual test place to a complete EoL system for a centrally controlled End of Line and rework concept.

The two kinds of electronics testing are:

  1. Electronics testing passenger cars.
  2. Electronics testing commercial vehicles

Headlamp setting

With the introduction of new products like x-light for commercial vehicles and x-light for passenger cars, Dürr has built image processing systems that assist the headlamp adjustment systems by delivering reproducible and ultra-precise results. In the last 20 years, Durr has gained considerable expertise and experience in developing and fabricating manual and fully automated headlamp adjustment apparatus.

The headlamp setting is done in two ways:

  1. Headlamp setting commercial vehicles.
  2. Headlamp setting passenger cars

Roll/Brake/ABS Testing

The Roll/Brake/ABS testing stands x-road for checking parametrization of control devices and dynamic-driving functions. This freely definable test enables the testing of rear-, front- or 4-wheel drives in the x-road truck version or passenger cars.

Some of the Roll/Brake/ABS tests are:

  1. Brake test stand passenger cars.
  2. Roll test stand passenger cars.
  3. Control, automation passenger cars.
  4. Roll/Brake/ABS test stand for transporter and vans.
  5. Roll test stand commercial vehicles

Setting of driver assistance systems

Dürr’s successfullymeets each vehicle type and manufacturer’s individual requirements and offers and customized adjustments for a multiplicity of sensors. The company’s modern driver assistance systems and the accompanying sensor technology present in commercial vehicles and passenger cars will fuel autonomous driving in the foreseeable future and ensure higher safety.

In addition, Dürr provides support in the development and allotment of calibration and the adjustment processes for driver assistance systems and is the most sought-after and verified partner of the OEMs manufacturing commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

The different types of the setting of driver assistance systems are:

  1. Setting of driver assistance systems commercial vehicles.
  2. Setting of driver assistance systems passenger cars

Wheel alignment

Dürr leads the innovation process in automotive engineering. X-wheel, the wheel alignment stand for passenger cars, has set the standards for evaluating and adjusting the vehicle axis geometry at the End of Line.

In addition, Dürr has reconceived wheel geometry measurement by introducing x-wheel technology for bus and truck manufacturers, which features innovative touch-less metrology with a high degree of complexity.

Some of the Dürrs wheel alignment systems are:

  1. Wheel alignment commercial vehicles
  2. Wheel alignment passenger cars
  3. Wheel alignment in the assembly line- passenger cars