Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Travel insurance is offered by many insurance providers for trips taking place within India, and domestic travel insurance in India is one such option. But do you think such insurance is essential or even required? 

Continue reading to learn how it benefits you and your loved ones.

What is travel insurance for domestic travel?

This insurance is designed for anyone travelling within India. Most of these travel insurance policies provide coverage for various medical and other unforeseen events that may arise while the insured individual is travelling in India.

Travelling to a different city requires planning, and while planning your visit, think twice before deciding that such insurance is not required. One can never be cautious enough to avoid losses while travelling, especially in light of recent reports of hundreds of pieces of luggage being lost or stolen during various transits.

What is covered by domestic travel insurance?

Typically, people associate peaceful and wishful activities with travel. No one likes to witness unforeseen problems that may cost them additional money when they travel to another location for work or during an emergency. Trip cancellation, luggage loss, and medical or other financial problems while in transit are some of the most typical travel insurance coverages* offered by policies in India.

You cannot always get a refund of your trip expenditures if you get sick soon before your vacation in the absence of an insurance. An interstate flight carries a similar risk of baggage loss as an international one. With domestic travel insurance, you can recover such financial losses.

Additionally, most travel insurance policies include coverage for personal accidents, medical care and evacuation to your hometown.

Domestic travel insurance’s advantages

If you intend to evaluate several domestic travel insurance India plans, make sure they offer the majority of these features for coverage:

  1. Medical expenses: You would be covered for any illness or injury, reducing the financial stress of such unplanned events.
  1. Damage to or theft of baggage: If your belongings are lost or stolen, the policy may make up for the financial loss you may endure as a result
  1. Personal accident cover: While travelling, cash protection is available against accidental death, incapacity, and dismemberment.
  1. Trip delay/trip cancellation: If you have to cancel your trip, the insurance may refund you for any fees you have already paid for tickets and reservations. A flight insurance may even cover the entire air ticket price.
  1. Customised senior citizen plans: These days, many insurers offer tailor-made plans, along with active help, to meet the needs of senior travellers.
  1. Emergency medical evacuation: You could also be paid for any costs incurred if you need to be evicted to receive urgent medical care.
  1. Emergency cash: It’s horrible to lose cash during travel. However, the policy offers the option of receiving money in an emergency to assist you.
  1. Emergency assistance available 24*7: Most domestic insurance companies also give specialised customer care services to assist you with any unforeseen circumstances while travelling.

To sum up

It might be upsetting to lose money if you have to cancel a domestic trip or not receive a reimbursement if your luggage is lost.Having travel insurance could help you financially in the event of a personal accident, unintentional loss, lost luggage or tickets, and other help. Do not forget to buy the insurance before the starting of your trip.

*Standard T&C Apply.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.