DIY Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

If you have just bought a new house, then the next thing you might be worried about is décor and aesthetics. If you have not made your home recently, then you may have become bored with your old décor. However, décor may cost you a lot if you buy everything from the market, so you may consider twice before you redecorate your home. Here is some good news though. You can give your home a new look by some DIY ideas.

Simple Wall Art

Minimalistic décor has always topped the list when it comes to an appealing interior for your home. You do not need elaborate and expensive paintings to decorate your walls. Add a pop of color by making some polka dots in different colors and sizes on a canvas and put them up on a blank wall. You can also make black zigzag lines on a blank white canvas and break the monotony of a solid bright colored wall.

DIY Candles

DIY candles are another interesting decoration piece to add to your home. If you have old teacups lying around your home, which you do not use anymore then these may be the ideal equipment for this craft. Melt some paraffin wax and pour it into the teacup. Add a candle wick and let it cool. You can also get more creative and add some essential oils to wax. You can get some glass paints and make the teacups more colorful.

Candle Holders

Many homes have a stock of mason jars. We usually do not discard them and they keep lying around the house. Bring these mason jars into use as candle holders in this DIY craft. Get some small steel containers and pour some wax and a candle wick and let it cool. Until then, you can decorate your mason jars with ribbons and threads and hang them at your home entrance.

Paper Cranes

People adore paper cranes on walls, which is why they have become extremely popular as wall décor in many homes. All you need are origami papers and a YouTube tutorial to learn origami art. Origami art is easy to learn and you can be as creative as you want with your fingers and some colorful paper. Choose a blank, white, and clean wall and add a pop of color and enhance the vibe of your boring room.


If you think it will be too expensive to invest in a wall paper for your home, try a chalkboard. Get some pastel colored and white chalks and make a floral pattern on your chalkboard. Your guests will love it. If you are an artistic person with a creative mind then you may also go for elaborate drawings. Let your creative juices flow and surprise your visitors with your hidden talent. However, make sure you are aware of an allergies some of your family members may have with chalk.

Plant Frames

Pressed plants can look great on canvas. Pick some dried plants in your backyard and glue them to a cardboard aesthetically. Then add to it a frame. Use any items at home to create an appealing frame and hang it on your walls for amazing wall art.

Sea Shell Window Chime

Do you like to collect unique seashells at the beach or are you going to the beach in the near future? Collect some seashells for a beautiful chime. You can use your collection of seashells and make your guests awe at the beauty by stringing them together and making a window chime. You can hang it at the entrance gate or any other window around your home.

Photo Gallery with String Lights

Are you a passionate photographer who likes to take pictures of scenery and landscapes? Get all these photographs printed on photo paper and hang them with string lights in a horizontal fashion. This may be a good idea for any room in your home. However, this may be the best idea for your bedroom wall behind your bed. This will look artistic and beautiful and also show your talent to your visitors.

Funky Shelves

Do you have pieces of wood lying around your home perhaps after a recent construction project? This may be the ideal opportunity for you to use your creativity and make something unique for your home. Try making the ply of wood into different shapes that you can easily make. Take a few screws and a drill machine and fix them into a wall. These would look great in study rooms along with the study table.

Abstract Art

Abstract art always looks amazing on walls. The idea behind abstract art is even more appealing as it looks different to each of its viewers. You may want to try out abstract art on a canvas and put your best pieces up for display in your living room or dining or anywhere in your home where they contrast with the color of your walls. Not on will this color your walls and make your room a bit more cheerful, it may also be a healthy mental exercise to make yourself happy. Who knows, it may even boost your confidence for carrying out more projects I the future.

Final Thoughts

DIY ideas for home décor can turn out great if you put in a little effort and time. They will also save you a lot of money. You may want to otherwise spend the money on Home Repair Plans which could also help your home in the long run. Good luck!