Changes Available for 2023 GMC Yukon and More

GMC Yukon is one of the spacious and family-friendly vehicles from the manufacturer. It offers ample features, a great powertrain, and other traits that make people want to grab it as soon as they visit Saint Anthony Buick GMC dealer. Hence, before getting yourself one, go through the changes that occurred for the 2023 model along with other details of this vehicle. 

Take a look!

Changes to notice 

There are only a few changes made to this vehicle and it is chiefly related to the new addition of the higher-end trim Denali Ultimate. This addition is what makes people lean towards purchasing this vehicle. 

This trim comes with fancy leather upholstery created using Alpine Umber. Also, it has front seats with a massage function and is power-adjustable in 16 ways. Besides it comes with an interior that showcases its sophistication through open wood pore trim and Bose 19-speaker system. However, these are just some of the posh features that this version offers a buyer. 

Furthermore, this variant looks even better due to its chrome darkened trim on the grille and some other exterior portions/panels of this car. In addition, it has 22-inch unique wheels that set it apart completely from the rest. Lastly, it also has optional hands-free Super Cruise highway driving mode. 

These are the primary changes that people notice when checking out this vehicle at a dealership near them. Now, onto the rest of the details of this great car. 

Rest of the specs 

This large car is powered by either one of the two V8s or a diesel variant. The 5.3L version offers 355 horse and 6.2L provides 420 hp. The turbo diesel powertrain isn’t such power when it comes to horsepower, but creates a ginormous torque of 460 pound-feet; it is an ideal option for people looking to tow heavy objects regularly. 

Also, these engines are grouped with an automatic ten-speed transmission that is accessible and operated through buttons present on this vehicle’s dashboard. If any individual is looking to off-road frequently, then its AT4 version is ideal; it comes with underbody protection plates, all-terrain 20-inch tires, air suspension, etc. The large V8 take 6 seconds flat to reach zero to sixty mph. For more details on the powertrain, you need to visit Saint Anthony GMC dealer

Also, the interior is remarkably spacious. Adults can sit comfortably in any row with ample space for leg stretching and headroom. Also, behind third-row, it can hold 6 carry-ons; however, with all seats folded, it can store 35 carry-ons making it one of the best in the cargo and cabin space available in cars in this category. 

The starting price of this generation Yukon is $59,295. However, people should be opting for the higher-end models like the Denali or Denali Ultimate, which costs $76,200 and $96,945 respectively. These trims will offer the ultimate luxurious features that will make every ride worth every penny you spent on this vehicle. 

Therefore, visit a GMC dealership today and get a test drive. You will know how this car handles and also enjoy what posh features this vehicle has to offer.