Can Patio Awnings Get Wet?

Awnings are primarily designed to be used in dry conditions and sunny weather. It is made of UPF 50+ fabrics so as to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. You can enjoy some outdoor time during the summer days, and the awning will work as a shade for you.

If you want to use awnings for the rainy season, there is nothing better than patio awnings in the market. Manufacturers recommend not to use them during heavy rain or even in windy weather. It is because the awning fabric can collect water, which can damage the whole structure. Thus, it can be said that these awnings do get wet.

A quick solution to this would be to cover it during the wet weather. You should avoid using it during those seasons. If you are buying a high-quality awning, that can withstand moderate weather conditions without much damage. However, the ability to do so also depends on the structure’s model. You should talk to the manufacturer about your expectations so that they suggest the best product suiting your needs.

Most of the manufacturers would not cover water damage. It means, your warranty would get void if the structure gets damaged by water. Thus, it is essential to choose the material of the awnings very wisely. They should have that self-cleaning effect which will work great in the outdoor environment. You can customise the awnings with additional protection so that they provide resistance to light rain and temperature changes. Consult with the manufacturer and they would offer you a wide range of available solutions.

You can use your patio awnings during light rain, but ensure that you dry them properly afterwards. You can also talk to the manufacturer and get water-resistant fabrics for the awning to keep them in the best condition.

Always opt for good quality awnings that would last for a few years. The cheap ones might save you some money initially but are going to cost you a lot in the coming years. Go for the ones that require less maintenance and are built by keeping the durability factor in mind.

You can also go for retractable awnings, which are designed for protecting your patio against the harsh effects of sunlight and light winds. If you want protection against light rain too, talk to the manufacturer so that they can give you the right product accordingly. You can also opt for remote-controlled awnings which you can retract from a distance when the weather changes. It can be a very useful option, given the uncertain conditions of the UK weather.

Thus, it can be concluded that the awnings designed for the patio are usually not waterproof. However, you can customise it according to your preferences and prevent them from getting wet.