Can Dental Veneers Fall Off?

Your shiny smile and healthy teeth are important features of your character affecting your life aspects indirectly. Still, many people are born with various teeth problems. These oral issues typically result in low self-confidence and, finally, mental issues when you are ashamed to laugh, smile, and talk. However, you can barely notice a problem that modern technology can’t solve with suitable treatment. Cosmetic dentists can meet people’s several needs and boost their smiles beautifully. Cosmetic dentistry provides various range of treatments for different requirements, but in the list of most reputable and popular ones, you can boldly see dental veneers. An expert performing dental veneers in downtown Toronto explains that these cosmetic dental treatments are made of porcelain attached to your real teeth, giving them a natural and flawless look.

The Problems with Dental Veneers

At first, when you get your dental veneers, you may feel you won’t face any problems for years or decades, but just like any other dental restoration, there is a chance of failure for different reasons. It’s better not to neglect this chance, although it’s extremely low, and learn how to prevent and lessen the risk of it as far as possible.Although it’s not very common to see patients face a failure in the process of getting dental veneers, dental veneers can fall off in certain conditions. One of the most probable situations leading to falling off dental veneers is the dentist’s mistake. Cosmetic or general dentists should know how to apply dental veneers correctly and avoid applying them in the wrong way. If you notice your dental veneers fall off several times, your dentist is likely misapplying something. In addition to the dentist’s low-quality performance, having too much physical touch with your dental veneers and aging are the other essential factors that can make your dental veneers fall off over time.

Missed Dental Veneers Should Be Immediately Reapplied

Many people usually delay the visit with their dentist whenever their dental veneers fall off as they imagine sooner or later visiting does not affect the final result. In case of seeing your dental veneers have fallen off, it’s essential to contact your intended dentist right away to reapply them, or your teeth will be in danger. When your dental veneers fall off, the irritation is caused because of the sensitivity of your teeth as they were shaved by your dentist before you get your dental veneers.

How to Act If Your Dental Veneers Fall Off?

If you see your dental veneers fall off, don’t ever try to reapply them yourself. The most reasonable approach is to put your dental veneer in a proper container and bring it back to your dentist to have the necessary treatments for reapplying. Remember using mouth guards at night can significantly help you prevent falling off dental veneers.

Generally, dental veneers are attached to your natural teeth firmly if your dentist knows what to do. So remember to pick a reliable dentist with years of experience!