Best Body Parts for Men to Consider for New Body Art

Tattooing as a creative form of art has got a rich history,and today, it has become one of the most flourishing forms of fashion trends. Every year millions of people get a tattoo to express their inner self and for many other reasons.

With end numbers of options available in the form of tattoo styles, there are several placement options that one can consider. This post discusses the best three-body placements for tattoos that men can consider getting stunning tattoo designs.

  1. Back Portion of the Body

This is the best body part that men can choose for getting body art. Tattoos across the back, middle of the back, or between the shoulders look amazing. Having body art in the back helps me to get a masculine look.

Due to the big space in the back, you can choose a big design. Symmetrical or tribal designs also look good here. When you choose this placement, it is better to go for large tattoo designs that look aesthetically appealing.

  • Arm or Bicep

Can anyone think of a better place to get a masculine design on their skin? Both tribal and text tattoo looks good here. You can also try here a realistic design. But in that case, you should consider get it done from Thailand as the country is popular for tattoo tourism.

You can have realistic body art on your arm from artists making tattoos in Phuket or any other location. By following the recent trend, it is also fair to say that quotes, scripts, or your loved one’s name will also look good here.

  • Shoulder

Many celebrities now have his shoulder inked with body art. It leads us to conclude the fact that getting a tattoo on the shoulder is a trend now. Body art at your shoulder will not only make you stylish, but it will also help you to get a guy look. Body art in the shoulder can also be combined with the chest and bicep.

This is the best spot for you if you want to express something important through your body art, such as a name, patriotic symbol, etc. You can also try funky designs here like a Chinese dragon, tribal design,and more. But colourful designs are generally not suggested to try here.

Final Words

So these are the 3 best masculine spots that men can choose for getting a tattoo. You can consider getting tattoos in Phuket or from other preferred locations. Irrespective the type of design, these artists have the ability to get it done on your skin at an affordable price. Another important thing to consider is to be very specific about the safety standards.