Azure administrator certification – a best way to get administrator job

Azure is an emerging market leader, and we want to help you get up to speed with it. Azure Training Library is a part of a training platform that is experiencing rapid growth. If you are looking to study for an Azure administrator Certification, if you want to find out more about what this azure can offer your enterprise, read the article below.

To facilitate the management, the participant can also use Azure Powershell for Azure CLI to manage Azure services. The contributors will have a better understanding of the main services available on Azure and their benefits. He may, among other things, deploy an online application with a database while using various services to support this application; azure will also modify it to integrate various Azure services to be able to add functionalities easily.

Make sure you can achieve this training by preparing with Learning, designed to give you and your team a good start on the path to becoming Azure administrator certified. Azure trains you and improves your skills with our professional learning. These Learning Paths prepare you with the professional knowledge and experience you need to pass Azure certification exams, from configuring Azure infrastructure for cloud administrators to integrating Azure services for cloud architects. The Azure Administrator certification course requires professionals to be proficient in using Power

Shell and the Command Line Interface Azure Administrator certificationce

Learning Objective:

 You will learn about creating a Free Azure Account in azure, accessing Azure Services through Azure Storage Service. You will acquire knowledge of ARM Templates and learn to use them for deploying azure resources.


  • Azure Subscriptions
  • Azure Resources
  • Azure Free Tier Account
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Resource Manager Template
  • Azure Storage
  • Types of Azure Storage


  • Create a free tier Azure account
  • Create a web app service using Azure Portal
  • Create and Deploy ARM templates
  • Manage Azure Storage account using Storage Explorer
  • Manage Azure Cost and Billing Service


Azure is the platform dedicated to Microsoft’s cloud services. It is important to note down that the Cloud is now an integral part of Microsoft’s DNA. Indeed, all the services offered by Microsoft are grouped in 3 Clouds:

  • Microsoft Azure,
  • Microsoft 365,
  • Dynamics 365.

With the new approach to Microsoft Azure certifications, you will be able to form a work team focused on your responsibilities according to your job role: Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, and Azure Solution Architect.

Develop your most relevant skills in the Azure cloud, expanding your organization’s vision with the support of certified instructors, who will guide you to certification with the support of Microsoft Azure courses.

Landing a new job, improving in the current one, and getting more out of their certifications are the main motivations for programmers and developers to take the new Microsoft Azure courses and AZ certifications. So if you want to be a good leader, this course will help you to manage your team more effectively.