AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate | Exam Tips 2020

It is believed that Amazon is the most valuable company in the world and offers everything from an online store to a cloud service. However, Amazon Cloud Services, known as Amazon-Web-Services (A-W-S), is probably the most popular cloud service used by industries throughout the domain.

By presenting content in logistic databases, AWS is undoubtedly turned out to be a unique solution for organizations looking for ways to operate more efficiently. More and more companies and organizations that take AWS certification training from QuickStart to manage all aspects of their business are growing the potential for cloud computing. That is why those who want to advance their IT careers in clouds must obtain AWS certifications to get a hold on the industry. Among the AWS certifications available, AWS certified solutions architect certification is by far the most popular. Outsourced work usually pays higher salaries – the average salary of AWS Solutions certified architects can be 125,550 dollars. This is an important incentive for people who want to start their careers.

Who is an AWS Solutions Architecture?

At a high level, the main mission of AWS Architect Solutions is to implement infrastructure applications for the AWS cloud. Cost reduction is one of the main reasons, mainly because they do not have to invest in on-site infrastructure. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It turns out that in many cases this was not the case – just ask previous adopters who glued the label page when they first received the bill.

This is where the AWS Solutions architects come from. They are responsible for creating a design that not only reduces costs but also takes into account other important aspects such as usability, reliability, flexibility and performance. The AWS solutions of architects are also responsible for reducing the risks faced by the organization. This requires a thorough understanding of how to assemble all AWS platforms in the cloud to create the safest cloud environment potential.

How to Become an AWS Architecture Solution?

You will need to pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associated exam to be certified. Here are some exam details:

  • Test grade is between 100 and 1000 points and the minimum score is 720. Points are determined by statistical analysis, which means that they can change over time, depending on the severity of the test.
  • The AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam fee is 155 dollars or you can take the 25 dollars practice exam. The professional exam fee is 310 dollars.

Exam Tips – 2020

There are two things you need to take for the AWS Solo Architect exam: a lot of revision and efficiency. AWS certification states that you are familiar with AWS resources and take advantage of your career development. Having an experience is much more beneficial and it is highly recommended trying out just about everything on your own. For example, an accessible system is very important for construction!

Find a Study Mate

AWS certification is very inspiring for our leadership. Many other colleagues were also preparing for certification, so sometimes we applied to study, which inspired me a lot more. We also found that our somewhat healthy and cheerful competitiveness led us to do our best.

Learn Theory and Do Labs

AWS offers many opportunities for certification preparation and training. It was tempted to review all the academic material and return to the labs later, but it was more efficient to operate the lab immediately after the learning of comparative theory. Although there are no labs involved in the tests, their experience with the first application of the theory has improved my mental model and facilitated material review.

Don’t Expect the Same Questions as in the Exam

As far as people prepared for the exam, they answered hundreds of sample questions. And although the required topics and knowledge are similar, they have never seen an internship in an exam.

Do Not Hit Until You Are Sure

When you pass the exam, you click the Ask-Question button, the answer will be sent to the server and you will no longer be able to change it. You can review the questions and return to the questions before they are ready to answer. However, if you choose an option for a question, you cannot move on to another question until you turn off that option.

Skip If Necessary

However, people went through the first review and asked questions that they were sure would give an answer. So they took a few more steps to see if the answers turned out to be any! Going back to more complex questions after answering some questions, it certainly gave me a lot more confidence – a recommended policy.

Think About the Opportunities

Be patient and be sure to read the question and opportunities carefully. There are many social exams and individuals usually found a few difficult questions that were very similar. In such cases, they carefully read the question, chose the password, and tried to delete the options.

What Happens After The Exam?

After taking the exam, it is believed that people had about 10 to 15 minutes of free time, so this means that they used about 80 minutes. You will know immediately whether you succeeded or not. (The number of grades may vary from exam to exam.) AWS will also send you an email telling you how you passed the exam in different areas.

Job Openings

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the world’s most valuable and sought after certifications in the cloud. Historically, more jobs have been created for AWS professionals than Azure or the Google Cloud Platform. Studies also show that AWS employs significantly experienced professionals, which is an ideal time to legalize and begin your career in cloud computing.

All IT professionals need AWS certification, with an average salary in excess of 100,550 dollars. AWS Cloud technology certifications can increase your pay by up to 25.5%, with an average salary of certified IT professionals averaging 12.2% higher than theirs.