Automobile Air Conditioning Repair

Every part of an automobile plays its part in the smooth functioning of the vehicle, but when it is summer the role of the air conditioner is very crucial. In summers, air conditioning helps in easy driving. The performance of an air conditioning system depends on its regular maintenance. You can reach out to Triumph Motors for air condition repairs and maintenance jobs of your pricey automobiles.

Air Conditioning System and its Components

Car air conditioning system is mainly made up of three main components including compressor, condenser, and the evaporator. These components work together by taking heat and moisture from air. Basically an air conditioner works by pressurizing refrigerant. It uses an inert gas and draw heat from the interior of the car to dissipate that heat.

As mentioned above all three components play an important role in the processing of an Air Conditioner. The gas, known as refrigerant, is pressurized in the compressor to absorb heat and removes heat from the car interior. It is run by an engine drive belt.

Heated refrigerant is passed through the condenser to decrease its heat significantly and condenses back into liquid form.

The Evaporator again changes the refrigerant liquid into gas and absorbs heat from the car. It completes the life cycle of an air conditioning system.

Maintenance and Repair of an Air Conditioning System

Unlike other parts, air conditioning system of a car does not need any recommended time frame for its maintenance. If the air conditioning system of a car is not working then there must be some issue with one of its components.

Some Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Following are some basic points that should be kept in mind for the right functioning of any car air conditioning system:

  • If the air conditioner’s condenser accumulates dirt and debris to the point where gas doesn’t flow properly. Sometimes this situation can be cured by simply flushing the condenser but many times the condenser needs replacement.
  • A bad smell emanating from the air conditioner while running is caused because of bacteria and/or fungi growing within the interior of the AC system. Automotive Experts flush out the system to remove bacterial or fungal growth.
  • There are so many other mechanical problems that can impact the performance of your air conditioner. These can reduce or even damage the functioning of your air conditioning system and may include issues with compressor’s clutch system, thermal expansion valve, and/or drive belt. Though sometimes these issues can be addressed by just replacing a sub-part or fuse but many a times the entire component is to be replaced.

Above said problems are commonly experienced problems but other than these issues, there can be many other reasons that can cause damage to your air conditioning system or affect its performance. Whenever you face any issues with your air conditioner, consulting a professional is the best way to sort the problem. Professionals can provide right air conditioning diagnosis and service. Automotive experts perform certain tests on your vehicle to understand the root cause of the malfunctioning of your AC system.