Are waterproof socks better than waterproof shoes

As we all think that footwear just involves shoes, this is not true. Socks are a major part of our footwear. Most of the time, we don’t think much before buying a pair of socks. The socks we wear are much more important than the shoes as they are the layer that is continuedly rubbing against our skin. If you choose bad pair of socks, it can cause skin irritation for many users. 

When we think of choosing pair of socks for our shows, it seems a really easy thing. However, this is not as simple as it sounds to most people. It is as simple as buying a pair of sneakers for yourself and as complicated as buying a waterproof sock that can save your feet from getting wet. Sometimes wearing multiple socks is important depending on your need. 

If you live in an area with constant rain, humidity or cold weather, then waterproof socks should be part of your footwear. If you love hiking on the weekend in areas with rivers and cold weather, these socks come in handy and save your feet. 

Manufacturing of Waterproof Socks

There are generally three main elements that are used to make waterproof socks. The first one is the outer layer that consists of the knit sock; the next layer is the waterproof membrane third one is the knitted sock. Both the interior and interior knitted layers are made thick to stop the abrasion of the middle waterproof membrane. This makes these socks thicker than the normal wool socks available on the market.

On the basis of usage, the socks can be divided into different types

Toe socks:

These socks are made for running, hiking and walking purposes. They allow you to move your ankle freely.

Fleece socks: 

Flee socks are the best alternative to the toe socks as they are cosier and give comfort when you wear them. You can wear them under slippers or shoes. They are made for summer as they can absorb the sweat easily. They have water wicking properties.

Heated socks: 

They are battery-powered waterproof socks that can be heated. They are made to be worn during cold water sports activities.

Replacing the regular socks: 

They can replace regular normal socks as once you wear waterproof socks, you don’t need to wear extra regular socks under them. These socks are thick, consisting of three-layer  So, one doesn’t need regular socks. These socks can keep your feet warm and dry during fishing, hiking or going through cold water. However, they can stop your feet from sweating, so it might be an issue for some users. 

Benefits of waterproof socks?

If you want to go for sports such as hiking, hunting and fishing, these waterproof socks come in handy. These are best for all kinds of outdoor activities that include water exposure to your feet. We will go through the benefits of waterproof socks over normal socks.


The thing that makes waterproof socks benefit from regular socks is their practicality. These socks are more particle and durable than normal socks. They provide comfort for your feet so you can perform all-day activities, even in a wet environment. This is most beneficial for those who have to work in wet areas such as tropical regions.

Protection forms the elements

The most obvious benefit of these socks is that they protect your feet from the water. You can wear them and go outside in the rain and snow and be assured that your feet will never get wet. 

Multiple Uses

As we know, these socks have a specific structure, and some users think it has limited to only a few range of activities. However, we assure you this product can be used for a wide range of activities. This can be the best substitute for your regular socks. You can wear them in any situation, such as walking, trail, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling and sports. There is no restriction on wearing these socks. 

Making a pair of waterproof socks last longer?

The cost of normal waterproof socks is much higher than wool or other socks as these socks are multilayer and use different techniques to make them. Taking care of socks is much important to make them last much longer. We will go through some tips to make take care of waterproof socks.

After a long day of using waterproof socks, wash them. The pollutant from the environment, such as dirt or road grime, can result in destroying or damage the waterproof membrane of the sock. If your waterproof membrane gets damaged, it does not remain as effective as before. It might just resist water to a certain level.

Avoid the use of waterproof socks at high temperatures. Heat can easily damage the waterproof membrane and deteriorate your sock fabric. So, it’s best to avoid heat. 

If you get a stain or dirt on your sock, it is advisable to clean it the same day. Don’t use any strong detergent or hot water. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals as they can destroy the sock. Treat the sock stains quickly and correctly with special washing material available for waterproof socks. 

Suppose you use them under socks. It’s best to keep them clean and dry. This helps to prevent any colour or stain from going onto the interior of your waterproof sock. When you wash your waterproof socks, never put other socks in the washing machine to avoid deposition of colour by other socks.

Perk up your DWR

The term DWR means durable water repellent. The waterproof socks use this technology to keep the water off them. With the passage of time, the DWR wears off the socks. It’s best to buy DWR spray from the market and spray your socks with it to make them last much longer. These sprays are used to add more waterproofing to breathable socks. These are not the best option for daily footwear but can be added to your cupboard for use at the weekend. If you spend a lot of time outdoor, then they will always come in handy. So, if you are picking up footwear for your next trip, keep in mind to buy them.