A Brief Discussion on Sacred Geometric Tattooing Style

From among all the art forms that originated centuries ago, tattooing has managed to retain its popularity even now. Even though perceived as a means to enhance appearance, tattoos were initially used for protection or for symbolising a spiritual connection with the Gods. They were evocative, powerful, and mystical.

Sacred geometry tattooing is currently on demand. They feature a wide range of patterns and shapes found in the natural surroundings, and that also are an integral part of the religious iconography. According to several ancient cultures, wearing such tattoos on particular parts of the body can contribute to health, cure illnesses, and provide stability.

The following write-up specifies everything you must know before committing to sacred geometric tattoos. Please check it out right now.

Common Sacred Geometry Tattoo Themes

  • Metatron’s Cube

The experts working for the best Surfers Paradise tattoo shops said Metatron’s Cube was introduced by a few religious cults of Eastern and Western nations. In the past, it could be seen amidst designs in altars, temples, churches, and monuments.

  • Flower of Life

Flower of life is considered the beginning point by artists who wish to create more intricate motifs. It was originally utilised by the people who did ornamental artworks on the buildings known for their exclusive architecture.

  • Tattoo Sleeves

Many individuals wish to experiment further and encompassed their entire sleeve with sacred geometric designs. The artists are usually asked to include mandalas, abstract imageries, and common shapes such as circles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc. They shade and place dots in between the lines to increase the depth.

  • Mathematical Configurations or Chambered Nautilus

The artists who specialise in sacred geometric tattoos generally use dark black ink. Some may divert from this protocol and add dash of colours within the patterns. This is especially possible if the designs include chambers or mathematical configurations.

Are Sacred Geometric Tattoos Actually Sacred?

Sacred geometric tattoos are not associated with any sort of belief unless you wish them to be. Most of them are original, complex designs that have dots, shapes, and shadings, all of which combine together to form something interesting.

The experts working in a Gold Coast tattoo shop said while a few artists derive inspiration from a twentieth century graphic artist, M.C Escher, others work after closely analysing mandalas and unusual shapes that are present in the nature or in pieces of art such as paintings and sculptures. No matter what design one chooses, symmetry has a huge role to play.

The individuals who get sacred geometric tattoos frequently do so because they can connect with them on a spiritual level and not just because they are aesthetically appealing. In fact, the ones with sacred geometric tattoos admitted respecting the intricate shapes and designs that work together to make the entire world a much more fascinating and unique place to reside in.

In case you wish to explore geometry tattooing, please schedule an appointment with a proficient, experienced, and reliable artist. He/she would implement innovative strategies to find you your perfect match.

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