A Beginner’s Guide to Types of Motorcycles and their uses

There are many different types of motorcycle available today, if you have never ridden one before, you may not know which one to buy. There is no definitive answer to this question. Each individual’s body is different and the type of motorcycle they need depends on how they intend to use it.

Standard motorcycle

This motorcycle is good for people who weigh less than 230 pounds. It is best to use it if you intend to ride on pavement rather than off-road or in a rural area. It has only one gear ratio, so it is very easy to maintain.

Cruiser motorcycles

Cruiser motorcycles have big engines so it’s heavier. The handlebars and foot pegs are lower, so it looks like your body is upright. This makes cruiser motorcycles good for climbing hills without harming their engines too much. Cruiser motorcycles have enough power to go fast without actually hurt their engines like smaller motors might.

Sport Bike

This motorcycle is also called a street fighter or an outlaw motorcycle. Both of these bikes are designed to move rapidly, so they are designed with no fairings and minimal parts so they can be lighter. A motorcycle uses long exhaust pipes that go into one side of the muffler, then emerge from the other side of the muffler (if there are more than one), and exit the other side through a tailpipe on the rear fender.

Touring  Bike

The tour bike is ideal for long distances. Its shield protects the rider from wind when the speed is fast. Tour bikes can hold up to two people one in front of the other with their legs hanging over the side frame, so they fit both in comfortably!

Sport Touring Bike

Sports touring bikes have space for your clothes and supplies. They can go off-road, so they have heavy duty tires and shocks. If you like to drive a lot, this bike is perfect for you.

Dual Sport Motorcycle

A dual sport motorcycle is a kind of motorbike that can go on the road and off. Dual sports have heavy duty tires and shocks to deal with hills or rough terrain. You can also make these bikes into on-road bikes if you need them for long distances.


These are motorbikes with a small engine that go up to 50 km/h. They lack gears, which makes them ideal for being driven on flat surfaces or around town.Mopeds may also be less expensive to insure and require less maintenance than other types of motorcycles.

Off-road Motorcycles

Dirt-road motorcycles are designed to go over the terrain, so they have wide tires, shocks, and a higher frame than normal bikes. These bikes can also be used on asphalt, but you will want to take them off-road as often as you can.

This article tells you there are many types of motorcycles. But before you buy one, it’s important to make sure the bike best suits your needs–or at least have a general idea what you’ll be riding or working on the motorcycle, ensuring you have the Motorbike insurance by Rabbit Finance.

That way, when deciding which model would suit those requirements best will help narrow down some choices more easily. In this article we’ve provided some helpful tips for making an informed decision and hopefully narrowed them even further!