6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Payroll System

Running payroll processing for your employees is one of the crucial aspects of every organization. There are various changes going on day to day in terms of technologies and government legislation, so it is very important for businesses to choose wisely competent payroll software that handles and manages your employee records appropriately. 

There are abundance of payroll management software are available in market. Some of these had standard configurations and many others are prepared as per your business requirement. 

Though there are plentiful payroll software management tools available but it’s always difficult to choose the best payroll management software. Here are few most important things you should keep in mind when making your decision.

Customer Support 

Customer service is always on top in today’s time as it is the most dominant factor that matter a lot when you choosing any payroll service provider. The software does not have any worth if customer support service is not up to mark. Therefore, before purchasing any software a market analysis should be done about the software vendor about the support they provided and a proper SLA should be signed before sign the project. 

Payroll Integration

The HRMS and Payroll systems should have all capabilities to handle all tasks related to integration like it should be able to integrate with all the accounting systems available in market. The information can be import or export through excel sheet or from any other software. For example attendance module should be integrated with Biometric Machine, Mobile App etc without taking much time. Check these things before finalized any package

Data security

Employee information is a highly confidential and it’s immensely valuable for any organization and hence it should be secured. Data security is the major concern when you outsourcing your payroll. Before finalizing any vendor the company should ensure about what is the company policy of software vendor related to data security, data backup, data restore and disaster recovery plan. What type of security features they implemented and how the data is stored and secured. Check all above points as it will save you from future pitfalls.


When outsourcing your payroll work, you need to ensure that the provider must have expertise and skills for accurate processing of your salary. What’s the point of spending money on a service that’s still providing the wrong payments to your employees? Therefore, accuracy should be the first thing you check for.

Human Resource Management

Large Business will have many branches, cost centres and employees at different locations. The company may have different time shift, weekly off and holidays etc. for different locations. The system should be able to cover each task as per branches and cost centres and should be able to provide the different report as per business need.

Subject matter expertise

An experienced service provider will have a team of subject matter experts who can handle different payroll tasks like: payroll calculations, taxes, deductions and other requirements.

The easiest way to evaluate the expertise of service provider is that take a detailed demo of the provider’s services and software with involvement of all key decision maker. Understand all the things mentioned above and take decision as per your company requirement.