5 Essential Jewellery To Wear With Bohemian Dresses

Bohemian style is not only popular among travellers but fashion connoisseurs as well. The carefree, comfortable, and kaleidoscopic Boho wears are thusly preferred among the majority of people. From the same thread, Boho jewellery also gets its popularity. Nowadays, people are so much inclined towards the eccentric design of Boho fashion jewelry that they complement these with their western or traditional Indian wears as well. Ask them and you may decode various reasons for them wearing it. These are more natural-looking, come in a spectrum of colours, designs and styles and often crafted out of natural materials such as gems, leather, cotton, denim, etc. Apart from their natural and earthly themes, Boho fashion jewelry comes in peaceful pops of hues and fantastic making ideas that have the power to immediately construct a positive day. So, why not go Boho today?

Here are 5 essential jewellery that you must have to wear with Bohemian dresses. 

Nose Pins

One of the most quintessential jewel pieces to save for your Boho look is a good collection of oxidised or silver nose pins. There are various designs that you can look for such as classic U-shape nose pin, Bali shaped nose pin, beaded nose pin or solitaire nose pin, etc. It depends on the style of your dress that will, at last, decide your jewel pick. Make sure, it is neither too big nor too small like a studded one. 

Silver Anklets

The best thing about this jewellery is that this comes in pairs but can be worn as a single. The single anklet can be worn with western or contemporary dresses such as trousers and formal shirts, casual dresses, jeans and tops, cocktail dresses, etc. 

They also come in pretty zodiac signs, cute animal shapes and many other kinds of anklet designs. 

Colourful Leather Bracelets

From leather bracelets to metallic trinkets, there are many styles that you adopt to enhance your entire look in a jiffy. Multicoloured leather bracelets can be worn by men as well as women due to their neutral significance. The most common design of these bracelets are:

  • Knotted Bracelets
  • Braid style bracelets
  • Colourful leather and stone bracelets

Bohemian style bracelets typically feature handwoven patterns out of natural fabrics such as cotton, jute, etc. So, using them means you are with nature. 

Boho Style Necklace & Chokers

Similar to Boho bracelets or earrings, Bohemian styled necklaces offer limitless options. They are also made of natural materials like gemstones, leather, natural fibres, beads and strings. Boho style necklace can also be found in complete metallic crafting such as in nose pins. Such fashion jewelry is quite rich and colourful, and often oversized. You can choose an ethnic Tribal tassel or feather necklace which feature a beautiful texture and stunning colour combinations to wear with your Bohemian dresses.

Macramé Tassel Earrings

Bohemian fashion jewelry tends to focus on earthy and flowery themes made with various natural materials. Invest your heart in buying Macramé tassel earrings, which are thought not easily found but are much appraised among fashionistas. Delicate to touch, these rare beauties can be easily washed to wear as freshly bought.