5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Car

Your car isn’t simply a means of transport. After all, a car is often seen as an extension and reflection of its owner’s personality and status. For this reason, when it comes to getting your car cleaned, you need to ensure you clean every bit of the car appropriately, so it looks good as new! Various parts of the car will need to be cleaned in very different ways. Here are five tips to ensure your car looks spanking new by ensuring the interiors, as well as every inch of the exterior of your car, is cleaned appropriately.

Look for Professional Car Cleaning & Detailing

If you’re a newbie, then getting your car done by professional Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialists the first few times is a good idea. Even if you’re an old hand, a few trips to a good car detailer will help you keep your car in mint condition years after purchasing it. A good-quality car rejuvenation expert will employ nothing but the best car rejuvenation techniques and equipment — ones that ensure long-lasting vehicle detailing, ceramic paint protection, and superior car polishing.

Don’t Skip the Pre-Wash

If you’re going to clean your vehicle yourself, don’t forget to remove the grime off the car before you start the actual wash. This prevents particles from getting dragged along the paint. You can get a pre-wash done with a pressure washer and snow foam lance, but a regular cleaner would do too. In case you’re using a pressure washer, first apply the snow foam evenly to every inch of the exterior. Take care you don’t stand too close when using the pressure washer as this can damage the paint. Once this is done, rinse away the foam and cleaner with water.

Clean the Glass

A sure-shot way of making a car look dingy is to skimp on cleaning the glass parts. On the flip side, well-cleaned windows immediately make a car seem much newer and cleaner. Clean the windows inside out. Use glass cleaner for the windscreen and windows. Wipe with microfibre cloths. Remember to apply the cleaner on the cloth rather than the glass to prevent over-spraying.

Customise the Cleaning

The type of cleaner will depend on the kind of car and how you use it. You can get away with a very glossy, short-term finish with one cleaner, and a much longer-lasting finish with another.

Don’t Forget the Wheels

Your car’s wheels and wheel arches will gather the most dirt and grime, so make sure you clean these parts with extra care. A jet wash is very effective for these parts. You can follow it up with some shampoo in warm water applied with a sponge. You can also clean the tyres with a cleaner and then wash it away with water. Do one wheel at a time so the chemicals don’t stay on the tires for long.

Find a car detailing service that customises its practices for your car and gives it the care and attention it deserves. If you’re cleaning your vehicle by yourself, keep the above tips in mind to make your car look brand new.