5 Benefits and Features of Click-to-Call You Cannot Ignore in 2021

Click-to-call is a simple technique that helps businesses generate leads more efficiently and attract organic traffic (read, customers). Forrester Research found that including a click-to-call function in your website or app typically increases Return on Investment (RoI) by over 140%. As a fact, conversions from click-to-call are four times higher than standard online conversion rates. Conservative estimates show that click-to-call has a stellar conversion rate of 5% to 25%, making it one of the most effective marketing strategies for future-ready businesses.  

The following sections elaborate on the top-5 advantages and features of click-to-call in 2021. Read on to pick some interesting tips, besides learning what is perhaps the easiest strategy to bring customers to your products or service. 

What is Click-to-Call?

As the name suggests, click-to-call is a tab that allows website visitors to contact a company executive. Sometimes, the tab glitters, primarily to attract visitors to it. When the customer clicks the tab, the web page requests them to enter their name, email address, and mobile number. After they enter the details and hit ‘Next,’ either of the following things may happen:

  1. The call gets connected directly.
  2. A company executive calls the customer. 

Click-driven calls may get connected via a normal phone call or a virtual number. Virtual numbers are more common since they save costs and make the communication process seamless. You may read more about virtual numbers here.

Let’s now discover the five best features and benefits of click-to-call software.

The Top-5 Time-Tested Advantages and Features of Click-to-Call

1. No Need to Remember Numbers

Copying a number from the website and putting it on the phone dial pad might seem an easy task. But, most web or app visitors are multi-taskers, meaning they would most likely prefer going to another website or app than copy your company’s number and dial. And every visitor leaving your website is a lost opportunity. 

Click-to-call software addresses this issue by eliminating the need to dial a number physically. Neither you nor your customers need to remember the number anymore. You can integrate the click-to-call tab with the number once and start welcoming customer calls. Companies like Knowlarity have special expertise in configuring such tabs and making your and your customers’ lives easy. 

2. Track and Monitor Calls Conveniently

Say goodbye to unmonitored calls with no clear trail of what happened between the company executive and the customer. Click-to-call software allows you to track every call and monitor them whenever the need arises. You may listen to the recorded call for quality testing or data analysis. 

The recorded calls may also help you refine and improve your marketing campaign. Alternatively, you may use the recorded call for training purposes. Another reason top websites prefer a click-to-call functionality is that it enables you to discover the demography or target audience you must target. 

3. Direct Web Traffic to Telephone

Web users often feel confused about calling or messaging companies. Hence, they often keep their questions to themselves or leave the website or app. Some users have also complained that they dislike communicating with a robot or listening to pre-recorded voice clips. 

Call-to-click software enables you to address issues efficiently. The moment a website visitor clicks on the ‘Click-to-Call’ tab, they get connected to a real person who addresses their queries and provides resolution with a human touch. Such personalization increases your and your customers’ bonding. Additionally, the company executive may also guide the customer through the website. 

4. No Geographical Boundary and Fully Customizable

Using the click-to-call service, international customers can call you without entering ISD codes. The click-to-call facility is usually cheaper than toll-free numbers and might help you save some additional amount. Since click-driven call numbers already include the ISD code, your customers will not need to find the code before dialling. 

You can also use the click-to-call functionality to route the customer call to an available agent. This way, you can reduce the customer wait time and provide them with more value. 

5. Remarkable Features

Click-to-call software from reputed global internet telephony companies like Knowlarity comes loaded with many futuristic features. The following are a few:

  • Plug-and-Play – The smart plug-and-play function enables quick installation of the calling widget on your mobile app or website.
  • IVR Menu – The IVR menu facilitates the smooth processing of customer calls and redirecting to the right department.
  • Call Recording and Routing – Record your calls to maintain uniformity and ensure quality across calls. Call routing reduces the customer wait time and increases the RoI. 

Call-to-Click is the Future! Choose the Right Service Provider to Get Maximum Benefits

Call-to-click is a relatively new but popular technology. As more and more companies embrace this technology, finding the best service provider becomes challenging than before.

Knowlarity is here to help you untangle the mysteries surrounding internet telephony and get tangible results. We have helped over 6,000 businesses in 65 countries shape up their marketing efforts through AI-based services. Click here to take your lead generation efforts to the next level.