2022 Honda Insight – Powerful Powertrain that Offers Excellent Performance

Honda’s powertrains are always amazing enough to impress any driver. It has a balance between power and stability that makes driving fun. The 2022 Honda Insight also comes with such a powerful powertrain that offers stunning performance. Before deciding to visit San Lorenzo Honda dealer and get this vehicle, learn about the powertrain, performance, and, more.

The engine under 2022 Insight’s hood

This is a hybrid vehicle from Honda and is already considered by numerous people worldwide that it is one of the best hybrids in the market. One of the reasons for such speculation is because it offers a better balancing of fuel efficiency and spry acceleration. Honda has made this vehicle quicker than several gas-powered vehicles and much quicker than most hybrids that are available in the market.

The electric motors and gas engine combined provides 151 horsepower, which helps this car reach 0-60 mph in just 7.7 seconds. Also, it is capable of running a mile only on electric motors but at low speed. With brisk acceleration, the gasoline engine will come into play and help it run seamlessly.

Apart from having a loud engine, only when someone opts for hard acceleration, this powertrain offers a refined and quiet ride. It handles precisely and is comfortable, making it a pleasant automobile to drive. In addition, it shares a few traits with Honda’s Civic, which is one of the best sedans that you can opt to drive.

It can be said that 2022 Insight isn’t much sporty but always offers a stable ride through its remarkable and responsive handling. The suspension system is ideal forInsight as it helps in soaking up bumps quickly without passengers feeling the harsh impacts.

Another noteworthy feature is its brake pedal. It makes a driver feel confident as driving a gas-powered car, which isn’t the same as other hybrids due to their pedal system being clunky.

The base model of this vehicle gives a mileage of 55 mpg in city and 49 mpg on highways, which are better than most hybrids that are available now. Consult a Honda dealer serving San Lorenzo if you are curious about the mileage and want more details or if you are looking to book this outstanding vehicle.

How much to pay for 2022 Honda Insight?

The 2022 Insight comes with just two versions for people to choose from. The first option is EX and it will cost an individual $26,225 and the Touring trim is priced at $30,225. Depending on your choice, preference and budget, you can pick either of the models as both offer impressive performance.

If you want to know, which one is suitable for you, then visiting a nearby Honda dealer is the way to go. Upon visiting you will have a chance to test drive both models and check out the one that is more comfortable for you to drive.

This is one of the best hybrid vehicles in the market recently and thus, you should check it out. With such a powertrain, performance, and reliability from Honda, there is no doubt buying this vehicle will be worth every penny.