10 Businesses That Can Be Started with Low Investment

In the world of e-Commerce, starting a successful firm does not need a large initial commitment. You may start a business with little money and no inventory if you have a good business idea and the proper equipment.You may begin right now.

Let’s have look at some business with low investment:

1. Line Holding Company

The line standing business concept entails locating the trendiest and most significant product launching events. Once you’ve gotten to the front of the line, you may either buy the product to resell at a greater price, or you can sell your position in line to someone who truly wants that thing.

After you’ve made a few transactions, you may start paying people to wait in line in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds from the spot sale. This may not appear to be a viable company, but a few others have made six figures from it.

Costs of starting a business

$50 for a business license

$150 for business cards, for a total of $200.

2. Employee Satisfaction Service for Remote Workers

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Not only may this save money for the company by eliminating the need to pay for desk space and office supplies, but it can also save money for the employee by allowing them to have lunch at home every day and avoid rush hour traffic. To address this, a remote employee satisfaction service would be a wonderful company concept.

Costs of starting a business

Book – SSL Remote Access VPNs’s (This is knowledge on how to have remote access to company information and networks) = $55 Book – Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics that Get Things Done – $10 Book – Remote Workforce Training: Effective Technologies and Strategies – $145 Book – Remote Workforce Training: Effective Technologies and Strategies – $145 Book – Remote Workforce Training: Effective Technologies and Strategies – $145 Book – Remote Workforce Training: Effective Technologies and Strategies – $145

Hand out flyers to nearby businesses.

$35 for flyer brochures and printing

$50 for business cards and printing

$150 for a business license (depends on where you live, but this will usually cover it)

$445 in total

3. Consultant for chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular year after year. They’re utilized for a variety of things, including event promotion, customer assistance, and selling goods and services. Many organizations might benefit from including Chatbots into their website, and that’s where you come in.

As a consultant, you may create them for corporate websites if you’re interested in artificial intelligence bots or have coding skills. Because this is a knowledge-based service business, you can get started with very little money.

Costs of starting a business

The cost of a website is $150, while the cost of business cards is $50.

$150 for a business license

$350 in total

4. Cleaning service for homes

This is a classic low-cost company concept that will never go out of style. The stakes are higher, but it’s a necessary business that many people will continue to require.

You could easily start this company for around $600 if you were prepared to perform the home cleaning yourself at first. This is also the sort of service where a website isn’t required at first. Because it is a service-based business that works at the client’s house, you may want to start with door-to-door sales, which you might perform in the evenings.

Costs of starting a business

$300 in cleaning supplies

$150 for a business license

$50 per month for insurance

Flyers are $50 each.

$550 in total

5. E-Sports Competition

E-sports events are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.

This is another unique approach to event organizing. Rather than creating a conventional event organizing company, you might start an e-sport competition. You may pre-sell tickets to teams and spectators by organizing various tournaments for different games. The money from it will be used to attract sponsors, rent a location, and purchase prizes for the winners.

This will be an excellent company to establish if you have a passion for gaming.

Costs of starting a business

$350 for event equipment, tickets, and other expenses

$150 for a business license

Spending $200 on online marketing

$150 for a website

$850 in total

$850 in total

6. Website Design Service for Dentists

There are a plethora of website construction and maintenance options available. However, many of them serve a diverse variety of customers. It’s wonderful for the business owner because they get to deal with a variety of companies, which may be interesting, but they don’t get to master a certain area.

This concept entails creating and administering websites just for dentists. Because you are mastered serving a certain region, using this specialized approach will set you apart from the competitors. If you enjoy building websites or want to learn how to do it, this is the specialty for you.

Costs of starting a business

$150 for a website

$50 for business cards

$150 for a business license

$350 in total

7. Affiliate marketing web-based companies

Several websites provide product reviews and other services to assist in the sale of other firm items.

MoneySavingExpert.com https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/v2/?utm expand=.pc-CKBCtQjKcPeOWaF1GyQ.1&utm referrer=

Thisiswhyimbroke.com Project Life Mastery (https://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/) Start-up expenses may be found at https://projectlifemastery.com/

$150 for a website

$150 for business licences, for a total of $300.

8. Local Tour Guide Service

This business concept is independent of whether or not your city is a major tourist destination. You might provide a lot of value to those outside the region by identifying the greatest local eateries, desert locations, hidden local treks, and spots only locals know about. This is also a simple concept to implement because you can just hire a driver and rent a van to transport visitors to these pages.

You’ll stand out from the crowd because numerous tourism businesses specialize in bringing visitors to renowned tourist destinations. You may also charge extra because these trips would be more exclusive and not available to the general public.

Costs of starting a business

The rental of a van costs $400 per month.

$150 for a business license and $150 for a website.

$300 per month for a driver

The total is $1,000.

9. Furniture resale business

There is a lot of competition for this company concept, but there is also a lot of need for used and reconditioned furniture. What’s even better is that you can start this business for little to nothing.

Costs to begin:

$50 for business cards

$150 for a business license

Supplies for refurbishing = $200

Total cost: $400

10. Automobile repair on the go

Many people who live in big cities don’t have time to go to the mechanic before or after work. When they do, traveling to and from work with the automobile in the repair might be a headache.

You could easily start this business for approximately $1,000 if you have a background in vehicle maintenance. People may visit your site if you create a basic website with a scheduling widget.

Costs of starting a business

$600 in tools

$150 for a business license

$50 spent on marketing

$150 for a website

$950 in total


It is not difficult to start a lucrative business. Aspiring entrepreneurs, on the other hand, frequently face difficulties. These are various small business ideas that you can start today and earn money, including home-based, simplest to start, high-growth, low-investment, internet, new companies, part-time, service, manufacturing, trade, consistent income, and a variety of other company ideas.

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