Ultimate Proposal Gift Ideas

Have you been invited to a proposal and don’t know what to give? As you know, the request for a hand is a party that is celebrated with the family. And with the closest friends of the couple. So if you have been invited, it is because surely you know perfectly the tastes of the bride or groom. But if you are going to propose someone then you must plan some gifts for your lover to impress her or him, Because first impression is last impression. Choose a perfect gift idea can force your partner to say yes for your proposal.

Gifts are always details that should come from the heart. And this moment is one of the highest expressions of love. So, with our help and with your affection for the couple, surely you can think of what to give in a marriage proposal.

Flowers, the gift that never fails in a proposal for a hand

In the orders there are two gifts that are already taken. Well, they are part of the protocol in a request for a hand. A jewel for her apart from the engagement ring that is usually a bracelet and made by his parents. And the engagement watches, which are usually the gift that her parents make to the groom.

So another perfect gift option is a pretty flower arrangement. At present there are stores specialized in making this type of centers. And they can create a space with a lot of charm that the bride and groom will love. In addition, personalized bouquets are also a good gift.

An emotional gift that represents your relationship with your partner

Who doesn’t have emotional photos and memories with their friends? Trips, birthdays, parties … sure yes, right? Well you can use them to make a nice composition. You will show your friends how much you love them.


Engagement rings: tips, prices, jewelry, brands And they will have a precious memory of your proposal that will last a lifetime. A video or a photo montage will be perfect.

A trip to rest before the wedding

It can also be a perfect wedding surprise gift for a proposal. A nice trip for the bride and groom to rest from all the wedding preparations. Before going to say “I do.” A perfect gift with which you will leave them astonished.

An original gift

This may be one of the original activities that can be a best option . A fun dinner, an adventure activity, a helicopter ride, driving a sports car, etc. To do this, you just have to tell us a little about the bride and groom.

How they met, their favorite places, their tastes … and we will organize a unique and original proposal. We can organize activities anywhere in Spain. And the activities that we propose can be combined.

Surprise Cart Special

At Surprise Cart  we have experts who will help you organize the most original proposals. Well, they are unique and personalized. Just tell your occasion and requirement you will receive a lovely surprise gift from us.