Tips for Training Your Dog How to Cry Tears of Joy

If you are a dog owner then you will probably already know why your dog’s cry tears of joy. As far back as we have records we only seen dogs using tears to tell others they are happy or sad. We see them use their sniffles to tell us they are a little tired and need to lie down for a while. But why do dogs cry tears of joy?

Well, the most common answer is that dogs want to be our friend and will do anything to ensure they get this. They will bark at the mailman if he stops by, they will follow us around the house when we leave, and they even sometimes will follow us into the kitchen when we are preparing food for them! Dogs are social animals and need this affiliation with people in order to function. So how do dogs make friends?

Well, one way is to make sure we always feed them first thing in the morning. This ensures that they have something to do during the day, but it also ensures that their bowls will be cleaned up so they do not get them dirty. This is a great incentive! If they clean up after themselves then they will see us as having made a real effort to show that we care about them.

Another thing that will get your dog to cry is if you pick him up often. If you carry him around in your arms or swing him around you can almost guarantee he will cry when you do this. This helps remove some of his anxiety by giving him something to look forward to when he is carrying you. Try to pick him up when he feels safe and comfortable and when he is just starting to show signs of being anxious. He will probably be a little fearful at this point, but it will help reduce his anxiety for when he has to go. So try to carry him around for just a few minutes every couple of hours.

If your dog is older and your dog has gotten older then it is possible that he may develop a psychological condition called Separation Anxiety. Separation Anxiety is caused by the fear that your dog will either be lost forever or that another dog will take his place. If your dog experiences Separation Anxiety for a prolonged amount of time then he will begin to cry tears of joy for whenever you leave him alone.

A lot of people don’t want to make this kind of effort because they think that dogs will eventually figure out the smell of fear and they will leave you all alone. I am here to tell you that this is definitely not how they work. All dogs want a relationship with their owner and they will spend time with you, no matter how long you are gone. You will just have to make sure that you spend adequate time with your dog, and do it consistently and frequently.

Finally, you might want to consider bringing your dog into the bedroom when you are asleep. Puppies are very clever and they can follow the patterns of what you are doing while you are asleep. One example would be if you were trying to get some sleep and had a dog that was a bit restless, it would follow you around the room until it calmed down. Of course, this is not suggested to begin with as it can become a serious problem, but if you are consistent and continue to do this then over time your puppy will begin to recognize that the time you are in the bed is the time it’s most relaxing.

If you take these three tips into consideration then you should have no problems training your dog how to recognize that you are the leader and wants to be with him at all times. Remember, dogs are highly intelligent creatures, so if you can teach them how to make decisions on their own then they will be much happier dogs. If you don’t feel comfortable giving a dog directions then it might be a good idea to take a class or train your dog yourself. Dogs love to learn and have a natural desire to please their owners. With a little patience, you can train your dog to recognize that you are the leader and want to be with him at all times.