The scope and future of engineering graduates

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world”- Issac Asimov, American writer

There shouldn’t be a doubt why Engineering has been so popular among the minds of the youth and even adults. As soon as someone opts for science during his school years, it becomes quite obvious that they have been aspiring to choose engineering for the future, isn’t it?

Now, you could be bewildered already with so many questions related to engineering, like-

“What is Engineering and why is it so demandable at all?”,

“How long does an engineering course take?”,

“What is the Scope and Future of Engineering?”,

 “What is the Best Engineering College for me?”,

“Which engineering has good scope in future?”

“Best Engineering Universities in India”, and the list goes on and on.

Fear no more, as you’ve got the right strings now!! Get started with knowing firstly about the wide scope and future that engineering beholds. In addition to which, you will be getting ultimate confidence so as to choose engineering as a career.

Don’t leave the end if you have also been looking for the best Engineering college in Raipur. You will get an amazing suggestion you won’t regret.

Before diving deep into what could be best suggestions to your college searches in engineering specifically, let’s get to shake hands with Mr./Ms. Engineering first.

You know the interesting part about engineering? There has been a time when a child was born and their family members appraised the child by saying, “ Humara beta/beti engineer banega/banegi!!” (Yes, you can smile a bit with this…and continue reading too.)

So, that being said above, Engineering offers not only a wide variety of domains to explore, rather it is the sole proprietary to the changing and advancing world. And that is the reason why many people prioritize it so much.

The scope and future of engineering is this, it’s beyond imagination and transforming into new ways of technology and applications day-by-day.

Engineering is one of the best bliss in today’s era. Why? Everything that you could rely upon now-a-days is so much of an addiction. Say, for example, mobile phones, electronic games and gadgets, cars and automobiles, even robots. All of these owe a grand tribute to modernizing times that you see today, don’t they? Undoubtedly, all of this is engineering.

Engineering is a four year graduate program which offers ample opportunities to be discovered in future by the younger minds. Engineering comes in various sub-domains/ branches and with vast real-time applications. The scope of each branch is equally competitive leaving behind no traces of comparision. So, based upon your personal interests and opinions, you are free to chose the right stream for yourselves in engineering. So, it’s really important to first understand what those streams are.

Let’s know each of them, the scope and work specifications of engineering:

  1. Computer Science Engineering

For those who have always been fascinated with exploring computer both hardware and software parts, then computer science engineering is awaiting your learning.

Within Computer Science Engineering, not only you would get hands-on experience in computers, but there’s more and more to explore.

Students pursuing engineering in computer science can aspire to bring a bright future in the following profiles:

i) Software Engineer

ii) Software Developer

iii) Automation Engineer

iv) Software Tester

v) Network Administrator

vi) Design Engineer

vii) Robotics Engineer

viii) Game developer

Top Computer Science Engineering Companies you should know-

Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, TCS

  • Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the most in-demanding domains that hold a tremendous scope towards transforming the current world scenarios.

The IT sector has a lot of contributions to corporate sectors as well as establishing startups. The reason for this being that the IT sector marks up the data security in databases and their maintenance from time to time.

Opportunities in the IT sector includes:-

i) System Administrator

ii) Web Developer

iii) Computer Support Engineer

iv) Database Administrator

v) Data Scientist Engineer

vi) IT Project Manager

Top 5 IT Companies you should know-

IBM, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, HCL

  • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is related to the study of machinery which is kept to operate small or large scale industrial tasks. Whereas in earlier scenarios, mechanical used to be a thing meant for boys, now-a-days even girls are taking it ahead successfully.

So, undoubtedly the mechanical engineers behold the future in establishing a firm industrial foundation and development.

Coming to the scope of mechanical engineering which is not just limited to but chosen among the following:

i) CAD Engineer

ii) Marine Engineer

iii) Mechanical Engineer

iv) Industrialist/ Entrepreneur

Top Mechanical Engineering related Companies-

Larsen & Toubro, Bosch, Tata Group

  • Civil Engineering

The particular branch of Civil engineering embraces the construction of important infrastructures that stand firm within the society.

Be it school, office buildings, parks and resorts, lounging avenues, dams, everything comes from a continuous effort and creativity by civil engineers.

Civil engineers can be seen widespread with their capabilities all over the world as one or most of the profiles:-

i) Consulting Civil Engineer

ii) Design Engineer

iii) CAD Technician

iv) Structural Engineer

v) Building Control Surveyor

Top Civil Engineering Companies you should know-

Reliance Industries, Petron, PNC INF.

  • Electronics Engineering

Who all could be deprived of using those lavishing electronic video games, Playstation, no one, right? Moreover, the LEDs with high definition displays, digital devices and gadgets contribute so much to the coming future.

Thanks to electronics engineering that offers so much learning in developing electronic awareness of how things work, assembling major and minor electronic parts to develop wonderful creations in the Electronics Market.

Have a look at what beholds the future for electronics engineering-

i) Electronics Engineer

ii) Instrumentation Engineer

iii) Telecommunication Engineer

iv) Micro Electrical Engineer

Top Electronics Companies you should know-

Samsung, Siemens, Apple, Oppo, Vivo

  • Polymer and Chemical Engineering

One of the branches which is still into the progress stage and seen being offered in many colleges. Polymer engineering is the branch which allows one to learn and explore the chemical study of textiles, polymer and dive deeper into it.

Top Polymer based Companies to know-

Recycling Technologies, Spirax-Sarco

  • Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture is also receiving special attention in terms of providing learning to those who are fascinated with crops, growth, maintenance and whatever revolves around the farming field. Yes, it does contribute to a branch in engineering!!

Looking ahead to be called one of the following engineers as in the agricultural field?

i) Food Supervisor

ii) Plant Physiologist

iii) Agricultural Specialist

iv) Agricultural Inspector

v) Environmental Controls Engineer

Top Agricultural Companies-

Godrej Agrovet, Bayer, Syngenta, ADM

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The ever emerging branch of engineering is viral over the internet and that is used as applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Google, Amazon, Flipkart, and so many more.

AI and Machine Learning uses the concepts of smart bots present online for learning how customers search and purchase. Indeed this is one of the best ways helping bidding brands to connect with their customers, thus providing so much career scope to passionate AI and Machine Learning Engineers.

See to what all jobs have in for you in the field of AI and Machine Learning:-

i) AI Engineer

ii) Python Developer

iii) AI and Machine Learning Specialist

Top AI and ML Companies-

Microsoft, IBM, Nvidia, DataRobot Inc.

By now, it’s quite understood that the above mentioned companies for separate branches will still provide miscellaneous opportunities to all engineers out there, be it IT, Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil and so on.

Engineering is like a never ending exploration which is continuing to progress with new trends everyday. And so are the engineers!! Engineers are meant to create and change the world so there’s no boundation- of place, of knowledge, of anything, for them to be in!!

Work hard and smart and just see Where can an engineering degree take you!!

Speaking of which engineering degree is best for you, it’s entirely up to the interests that you share. If you live a life addicted to on-site work, construction and infrastructure, then civil may be the one. Or computers if you feel fascinated by sitting over the system developing codes and playing all day long with the technical part.

Now, having an idea of how amazing the craze is for Engineering in the present and future, you shouldn’t be much eager to know the best engineering colleges for you. Right?

Engineering is not just limited to government colleges like IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) based in different states. There are many private universities and colleges developing each day that strive to provide excellent learning for your goals and passion in Engineering.

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Kalinga University

Kalinga University is one of the remarkable universities in Raipur. It has been established long back in 2013 yet foreseeing so many enhancements each day. Not only this, the university is gaining a huge trust and popularity among cheerful to-be-engineers, or doctors, or CA’s and whatnot one could aspire to be, according to their respective fields chosen. All in all, it’s a place worth tuning in to. Have a look at salient features of the place, Kalinga University:-

Adorable premises:

Known for its awesome location on the emerging sites of New Raipur. Kalinga University is full of exploration and opportunities for the rising talents.

Stay-in accommodations:

With a right to spend the graduation years in hygiene and chill-some hostels, you shall be satisfied with the accommodations if you wish to be a hosteller in future. Hostel facilities for both girls and boys are worth it.

Diversified domains:

Be it in the field of engineering, humanities, management or anything related that excites you to be in, Kalinga University offers the best environment to learn and grow your skills and talents. That too with utmost Certified Faculties and infrastructure support.

Kalinga University is known for its imparting education in UG, PG, Doctoral programs for aspirants in most of the fields.

Awesome in placements:

One of the honored and certified University in Chhattisgarh, KU strives to move your passion to a next level by offering an awesome in-class experience, academic support through skilled faculties and libraries. KU works like a pro in developing you as an overall polished personality after you graduate. (Plus the Campus Placements are incredible!!)

Fees Structure? Not to worry!!

The fees structure at Kalinga University is up to what one could need it to be. An affordable fees structure with good infrastructure and placements makes it a one-stop solution for the aspiring students.

So, why not explore what’s waiting for you at one of the many accredited universities, Kalinga University!!

The bottom line  

With this, it’s right time to bring you to a conclusion, let that be on an inspiring note by a famous American personality;

“Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that has never been.”- Theodore Von Karman, Hungarian-American mathematician

Is engineering future proof?

Well understood that engineers behold the reigns of the future with their thinking and technical skills, so answers right for what many of you might wonder. Yes, engineering is fully future proof!!

Wish you all a really bright future and success in your upcoming endeavors!!