Social Media Marketing Myths And Misconceptions; Clear Before Executing.

Social media is the recent place where businesses market their brand, products, and services. There are many instances, which show how influential and powerful social media is. As a social media marketing agency in Delhi, we say that social media is for everyone. No matter what your company is, and what you sell. Social media will give you sales leads and exposure with a brand reputation.

If your social media marketing strategy doesn’t work out, then you might be following these misconceptions and have some myths about social media platforms. It is acting like a thorn for your marketing strategies.

Why is social media a big myth and misconception?

There may be many reasons behind it. The unsuccessful campaign may be a worm that has created the myth and due to lack of proper usage. Earning revenue on social media is not easy, which you might think is a waste of time and money. But it brings you the conversion leads. Remember, many reputed brands are present on social media for a reason. So social media is a crucial part and easy if the misconceptions are rid.

We have come up with some common and some uncovered myths and misconceptions about social media marketing and social media platforms that many marketers follow without realizing.

Check out the misconceptions and myths by a social media marketing company in Delhi:

  1. All Social Platforms Are Same:

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram are sibling platforms. It creates misconceptions among the marketers that both platforms are the same. No, it’s not! You can just share the content simultaneously on both platforms. Instagram is more of a visual content-sharing platform, and Facebook is a multifaceted platform where you share visual as well as text content. Along with that, the algorithm is different, working and setting are different.

Likewise, other platforms where you share the content simultaneously don’t mean they are the same. Every social media platform is unique and has a different algorithm.

  • Use Of Many Social Media Platforms:

When you come with social media marketing, you plan to target all the known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. It should not be the case! You need to work on analyzing the target audience where they are present more actively. Targeting the unnecessary platforms will be a waste of resources.

So choose the platform wisely by curating the data. Plan the strategy for multiple platforms but not all.

  • Linkedin Is For B2B Only:

No doubt, Linkedin is the best platform for marketing B2B businesses. But that doesn’t mean Linkedin is not good for other B2C businesses. It is a place where many engage with a mindset of getting hired.

You can use this platform for multiple purposes, for promoting the business through niche content. Also, you can make the users learn about your products and services. Whereas you can hire a suitable candidate for the job role.  And there are many ways to market the business on Linkedin, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

  • Social Media Is Not For Small Businesses:

Wrong! Social media is for everyone if you are having a reputed brand, local business, or small-scale business. Every business has its own set of audiences. You can use the social media platform, where your audience is active.

Every business gets exposure and leads if the campaign and product quality is good. So be creative and execute perfectly. You will grab the audience and increase the sales too.

  • Over Posts On Social Media:

In the name of social media marketing, newbies keep on posting content continuously. Which affects the content quality as well as the growth required, never take-off. It is a myth that the quantity of posts brings growth and attention. Target any platform, but continuously posting on the platform will be a waste.

Then you might wonder, how to post and when?  Have a schedule, twice or thrice a week, work on the quality of the content you are posting. You can also deviate from this scheduling pattern, when you have an important update about the products and services, you can break the pattern and post accordingly.

  • Following Strategy Blogs On Internet:

When you are just new and starting social media marketing without any expert advice and direction, and by following the blogs on the Internet. We are not saying it is wrong, but the strategy should match your industry. Also, not every strategy of the blog will be helpful.

When you are building a social media marketing strategy, you need to know your company’s strengths and weaknesses, audience, competitors, etc. According to that, you need to build a strategy. If you are following blogs on the Internet, remember to add a few points of yours.

  • Landing Page Is Not Important:

People starting business directly on social media platforms like Instagram think that there is no need for a website and landing page. You must know! CTA (Call-To-Action) is important in the posts. It will keep the users engaged.

For the CTA, you need to have a website and landing page. Websites will have an impression on the visitors and also build trust. So we recommend to all the small businesses, who have begun their business directly on the social media platforms, to have a website with a strong landing page.

  • Social Media Marketing Is Enough:

For the growth of the business, many marketers think that social media marketing is enough for the business’s growth and successful run, which is a misconception. For sustainable development, you have to consider other factors too. It will help you to stay in the race.

Social media marketing is another aspect of growth. Along with that, you have to focus on other marketing strategies. It will help you to grow the business and reach potential customers. Stuck on one thing like social media marketing won’t be helpful for your business.

  • Following The Same Campaign:

Once the social media marketing campaign is successful and has given the desired results. Marketers continue the same campaign. It is a myth among marketers that running the same campaign will give the same results again and again.

Once the campaign gets successful, you need to move on to build another strategy, which will be more creative and fascinating, which will create an impact on the audience. You can have a backup campaign, if the new campaign fails, you can make use of another campaign. But it is important to build a new campaign.

  1. Social Media Marketers Or Agency Is Not Worth:

This is a serious misconception that hiring a social media marketer is not worth it. Every field has a specialist. If you have an in-house marketing group and you think that having a social media marketing specialist is not worth it, then you are not doing great.

A specialist will help you to know the core tactics of the social media platforms, and the right direction to perform the social media marketing campaign. If you have a marketing team, which is already well in this field, then it is perfect for you.

Many start-ups with a handsome budget think hiring a social media marketing agency is not worth too. We as a social media marketing agency in Delhi, say it as a myth. Social media platforms look fascinating and easy to gain leads. But vice versa, you need a lot of patience and in-depth knowledge about it.

  • Don’t Share Others’ Content:

If you are a newbie, then you might have heard about user-generated content (it is content shared by the customers, who promote your products or services on their profile.) Sharing them on your profile will be helpful. It will build trust among other customers and also gain retained customers.

When you spread your hands-on social media platforms, you will realize that sharing others’ content will help you to grow. It will make your profile look authorized. However, giving the credits will be a respective manner. Hence, it is a myth that sharing other people content is not good for your business,

  • Social Media Is A Sales Tool:

Many use their profile as a sales tool, you can make your eCommerce website, which will act as an online sales tool. But a social media profile is an online brand representation. Which is mostly used to connect with target customers and make them feel like a priority.

It is a misconception that using a social media profile only increases sales. It won’t help you to grow on social media platforms. Create content that is relatable to the followers. The internet source says, there are thousands of profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that use their platforms just to increase sales. This annoys the audience, which leads them to unfollow or not visit the brand profile.

  • Build The Market And Leave:

After a successful campaign, marketers think that the market is built on social media platforms, and no need to work more. It is a myth, there are daily active users, who spend hours on the social media platforms, where you are present too.

The campaign is successful, you need to give a gap and work on another campaign. Which will keep the customers engaged and psychologically remembered about your brand. Hence, social media marketing is a continuous process until business dies.

  • Posting The Same Content:

There are sibling platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can share the content on different platforms simultaneously. But this access makes the marketers lazy on sharing the same content.

But, it will make your brand inferior. You must share content that is different on different platforms. Also, the platform has different styles of content. Twitter is about text and multimedia content, Instagram is visual element content. So sharing the same content on different platforms will help you build a brand on different platforms.

  • Youtube Is For Large Brands:

Youtube is a video-sharing platform, where many big established brands promote their commercials, new product launches on that platform. This makes the small businesses think, they can’t use this platform nor help them to create sales through it.

Every business can promote creatives on Youtube. A promotional, sales video on the platform, that will help you to generate sales by including CTA. It is a myth that Youtube is for large brands. We recommend this platform for every business irrespective of size, and their selling products and services. As a social media marketing company in Delhi, we give a big thumbs up to using this social media platform.

  • Success Is Measured By Followers:

Many think that followers on social media profiles show the success of the brand. Following this trap, many social media marketers try to increase their followers, by making it their primary goal. Which is a mistake to avoid while planning the strategy.

The goal is a subjective matter, and your company is not (an influencer) to look for increasing the followers as a primary goal. Focus on goals such as creating brand awareness, increasing the customer band, etc.

Wrapping Up:

There is a big list of myths and misconceptions, we tried to cover only those points, which are vulnerable among the social media marketers. We hope to have busted the myths and misconceptions that were followed blindly. However, these myths and misconceptions are hurdles for your creative campaign and smooth run of social media marketing.

We strongly recommend hiring a social media marketing company in Delhi, if you are looking out to hire an agency or you don’t have an in-house marketer group.