Now You Can Send Birthday Cards with No Fuss

Once you realize the convenience of sending custom birthday electronic cards, the next thing you have to think about is your birthday message. A traditional paper birthday card usually contains a preprinted and often impersonal message while a custom electronic birthday card lets you customize your greeting. It can be challenging for some people to write what they want in birthday cards, but doing so means you care a lot.

The following are some tips you can keep in mind when writing and sending a birthday card online:

Choose the Perfect Design Based on the Recipient

There is a perfect card design for every type of recipient. Before you decide on the birthday card to send, think about your recipient and his or her personality. Your mother-in-law may appreciate a sophisticated electronic birthday card while your significant other may appreciate a romantic outdoorsy view. It becomes easier for you to write a heartfelt birthday greeting on the card when you are confident that you have the most appropriate design.

Write the Most Suitable and Heartfelt Greeting

It is not necessary to be eloquent in writing a birthday greeting. What’s more important is to write from the heart. You may start it with “Here’s wishing you a blessed day and a bountiful year” or something to that effect. You have to consider the relationship you have with the card’s recipient. If you are writing for a superior or boss, make sure that you sound formal and highly respectful. If you are sending it to a close friend, this can be funny and at the same time sweet.

Focus on a Favorite Memory

While brainstorming for your birthday card greeting, try to think if there is a favorite memory you shared with the recipient and include this in your greeting. Narrate briefly what happened when you first meet him or her and how it made you feel. That will make a good intro to your birthday greeting.

Include a Special Photo with You and the Recipient on It

The beauty of sending electronic birthday cards is that it is easier for you to integrate anything on it. You may insert a memorable photo you have with the recipient into the card. This is a great way to make your recipient feel treasured and loved.

Don’t Forget Creativity

There are no rules in writing a birthday greeting. There is no recommended format or word count. It does not have to be rehearsed. When you do so, it can reduce the sincerity of your greeting. Just don’t forget to be creative when you write and be mindful of your writing style. Make sure that it suits the person you are sending the card.

Don’t Forget to Offer a Few Compliments

A sufficient amount of sincere compliments will go a long way to expressing your feeling towards the recipient without sounding like you have a hidden agenda. Everyone needs a few of them once in a while.