How to Learn to Play an Instrument in 2022

Sometimes life gets boring doing the same old thing all the time, but there are ways that you can change your routine with little effort. If you want to get a bit more creativity in your life, then picking up a musical instrument and learning how to play is a great hobby. It is never too late to learn to play an instrument, so why not start in 2022? Take these steps to pick up an exciting new skill.

Choose an Instrument


To learn to play a musical instrument, you first need to choose one! Begin by familiarizing yourself with the different types of instruments available and considering which would be most suitable for you. This can be based on the music that inspires you or just whichever instrument you feel like you would enjoy learning to play.

  • Strings – violin, viola, cello, double bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and ukulele.
  • Brass – trumpet, trombone, and tuba.
  • Woodwind –flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon.
  • Keyboard – piano, organ, and harpsichord.
  • Percussion ­– drums, cymbals, and maracas.

Visit a Music Store

Visiting a music store allows you to look at – and hold – musical instruments to feel differences in sizing and quality. Employees in music stores are also specialists in music and instruments so can offer you expertise in finding the right one for you. This is something that is not possible with online shopping,as products do not always meet your initial expectations.

There is a music shop Worcester and worldwide for you to explore the endless variations of music instruments and make a purchase to begin your learning journey. 

Begin Learning

It is best to begin learning a musical instrument by starting with the basics. For example, researching the ideal way to hold the instrument, how to set it up or tune it, and the chords will build a base foundation of knowledge for you to expand from. It sounds silly to say that you need to start by learning how to make it work and make sound, but otherwise, you will not be able to learn how to make music. It is okay if you take some time to get used to your instrument.

Once you have basic knowledge about the musical instrument and are ready to start practicing songs, you should explore the music genre you are interested in learning. You can then search for online tutorials to start trying to replicate it yourself. A benefit of the internet is that there are many videos intended to teach you about your instrument, how to use it, and how to playsongs. This can be great for those with money and time constraints.

If you notice that you are not progressing and require professional assistance in-person to develop your skills, you can hire a professional tutor to help you. Sometimes tuition in person is more effective as you are allowed to ask questions and receive feedback and guidance. Online tutorials are a great free resource but lack personalized advice.

Without feedback, you can not recognize errors being made and learn from them.

If you are interested in learning an instrument, the secret is to just get an instrument and start playing it. You will not be able to achieve the sounds you are aiming for right away, but you must start somewhere. Over time, you will become more comfortable playing your instrument and pick up new songs much easier. Just do not forget to be patient with yourself and have fun!