How PBSAs pose a Big Relief in Overseas Student Accommodation Hunt

According to a search paper, assessing the accommodation challenges faced by students of Takoradi Polytechnic, aimed toward the assessment of the state and condition of students’ accommodation. A complete number of fifty (50) questionnaires were administered in some student halls and hostels and data collected were presented through the utilization of tables, graphs and straightforward multiple correlation. The study revealed that there’s A level of dissatisfaction with unsatisfactorily state and condition of obtainable student accommodation facilities, the inadequacy of the prevailing facilities which has created high occupancy ratio and a few sanitation challenges has invariable led to over utilization of the available resources putting the facilities in deplorable conditions.

The fastest growing property sector at this moment is the Purpose Built Student Accommodation(PBSA), or student residence attracting investors from everywhere around the world. Students expect and need a secure, technology-driven and high in quality accommodation which will be their home far away from home. An area where they will accelerate and eventually send to the important world to start out their careers.

To welcome these young adults in such an inspiring setting may be a job that must be taken seriously. Therefore we did some research on often overlooked criticism. Avoiding these complaints will end in happier students, therefore future tenants and an excellent ‘customer’ (student) experience.

Offer your students a top quality coliving environment within the student home by bypassing these easy to beat concerns and your PBSA becomes a drag solver rather than a burden.


In order to study peacefully with no disturbance you can’t have any sort of (loud) noise on your premises. Whether it’s loud music, fire alarms, or shouting: Enabling enough space to focus should be the goal of living in your student dorm. tons of this agony that drives students up their walls is definitely overcome with a couple of simple adjustments like fixing a noise curfew for weekdays or ensuring ovens altogether apartments have timers installed.

Residential staff

One of the foremost important aspects of the scholar experience is the quality of your staff. The folks that represent your student home,  got to be adequate, fast in response and in particular , polite. To safeguard your student’s contentment, requests and issues got to be taken very seriously. Rude or poorly trained staff may be a big annoyance for anyone entering your PBSA, not only the scholars. Make certain to possess a transparent vision on how you would like your staff to behave and be clear the staff knows they’re an enormous part of that tremendous student experience you’re hoping to determine.


Students usually don’t have tons to spend. Deposits that get refunded long after the 14-day range (which is typically absolutely the maximum for students) is one among the most complaints students (and their parents) wear their accommodations. When PBSAs hit students where it hurts the foremost, these Millenials do what feels natural: Ventilate their inconvenience on social media. Avoid a nasty (online) reputation by being clear on what to expect in terms of finance. Be transparent about timeframes, what deposits are often made and the way students should approach this flow and you shouldn’t encounter any misunderstanding.


PBSAs are built to supply convenience so students should never need to leave. Whether in reference to their social life or to review. A so-called ‘place beyond the bedroom’. This is often the rationale tons of PBSA’s are equipped with facilities sort of a cafe, pool- and football tables, services, and completely renovated apartments including bathrooms and kitchens which enables the scholars to make a community where they will specialise in their studies. Facilities like washing machines become an enormous burden when there aren’t enough. Collecting the laundry, walking right down to the laundry room to seek out all washing machines are already taken, walking back to try to do an equivalent thing once again a couple of hours later may be a big waste of your time . Confirm these sorts of facilities that would provide Zen rather than stress are being taken care of in such a student hostel.

In short, students get the simplest relief with regards to raised facilities and a complete hygienic environment of co-living spaces referred to as purpose built student residence.