Facts About Car Transportation Express

Car transportation services have been around since the first commercial automobile was produced. The history of car transportation is steeped in tradition and utility, giving passengers a dependable and comfortable ride on demand. Whether in a station or privately, it is one of the most common methods for travelers to get from point A to point B.

When the first cars were produced, it was only a short time before people realized the need for a way to transport automobiles from place to place. John King, an early businessman and inventor, built the first horse-drawn wagon that transported cars for 25 cents per mile. There are few records of how long this service lasted, but it was replaced with the first car hauler.

Car Transport Express has been around the world. The car hauler was a horse-drawn carriage with a rack capable of carrying one automobile. Car transportation in this manner did not last long, but it set the industry up for the next significant development in car transportation.

Many people are surprised to learn that the first loosely organized car transportation service began in the early 1900s. The first of these services was a private, cash-based service. These companies would hand their customers a slip of paper with their destination written on it, and the customer would drive until they reached the goal.

When these services were in demand, the owners would use their automobiles to make the runs. This method of car transportation was called a “station wagon.” These stations were usually outfitted with a horse and wagon to make runs from point A to point B.

As time went on, more people began running these companies. People realized that it was more efficient if they had their own car at their disposal to stop at various locations along the route than just sending out a car every time they needed service. This was when the first “rental cars” came into existence. These cars were rented for one or two hours at a price set by the owner of the service.

Car transportation grew exponentially as the years passed. Firms like Avis and Hertz began to develop rental car services after WWI to transport people and other goods. As the years passed, car transportation grew more sophisticated, with more competitors entering the market daily. Eventually, most major cities throughout the United States had their car transporter service available for purchase.

With technology on the rise and innovation in every corner of society, it was only natural that someone would begin to revolutionize car transportation as we know it today. 

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the history of car transportation is a very long and has evolved dramatically over the years and continues to do so with each passing day.