A Look At The Best Racing Simulators

Learning to drive over a stimulator has become quite popular nowadays. It makes driving classes a lot of exciting and less stressful. Before, we move any further, is it imperative to know what a driving simulator is? It is a machine that stimulates the whole scene of driving a car on the road while keeping both the trainee and trainer safe. Here, in this post, we have rounded up the best racing simulators in 2020, so scroll down and have a look.

Assetto Corsa Racing Game

When it comes to popular racing simulators, Assetto Corsa cannot be missed. It is a racing game that presents a realistic feel, thanks to the force feedback. This game is available on Xbox, PC, and PS4. An Italian developer, Kunos Simulazioni is known to be the father of this racing game. Assetto Corsa game variations include three Porsche packs along with a Ferrari-themed red pack that includes three Ferrari cars.

Assetto Corsa provides a real-to-life driving experience, because of its sound graphics, active player base, and not to mention the VR support. Thereby, making it the perfect game for any professional driving simulator hire company.

Project Cars 2 Racing Game

The second edition of the Project Cars takes racing simulation experience to a whole new level, mainly because of its realistic graphics, greater force feedback feel, and a wide selection of racetracks. Project Cars 2 offers a huge collection of cars, which include our favourite rally cars, GT3 cars, and even stuff like carts.

This racing simulation game has a widespread fanbase, therefore you can compete with Project Cars 2 racers online. This game is available for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Gran Turismo Sport Racing Game

Even though this racing game doesn’t provide the most realistic feel, it will still hone your driving skills, thereby quite popular among the driving simulator hire companies. The game features a vast online user database, thereby you can compete virtually. Just like Project Cars 2, this racing game presents an extensive range of trucks and cars.

FI2017 Racing Game

Again, not amongst the most realistic racing simulators, this game can provide you with a feel of being on-road, the experiences you get can prove to be valuable for racing fans. Here, you can set up a career mode that helps you live a Ferrari or Mercedes. It is a great fun racing game.

These are a few popular racing simulators, there are many more. Talk to your friends & relatives, who are big fans of racing games for their first piece of advice. Also, share your favourite racing game in the comment section of this blog post!