Why Should You Opt for GMAT Online Coaching

With the current pandemic situation still looming overhead, many students have started opting for online GMAT coaching. There are many advantages of opting for an online mode of learning, so let us view some of them below.

Convenient – With GMAT online coaching you will not have to worry about travelling to coaching classes in between your already hectic schedule. You will also have the freedom to study at your own pace and will not have to follow any stringent schedules. You can do so at your own convenient time. Another advantage of online classes is that these sessions are recorded so you can view them at your convenience and you will never miss a lesson.

Individual attention – Unlike a traditional classroom set up where you will have to compete for the attention of the professor, online classes give you the opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with the professor. This is also conducive to help clear any doubts which you might have. It also aids tutors to understand your strengths and weaknesses and they can devise a smart plan and help you reach your desired score.

Flexible – A major benefit of these coaching online sessions is the flexibility they offer. You get to decide when to learn, where to learn from and in what order to learn as well. You also gain access to free content available online before you proceed to select the course you want.

Economical – In comparison to classroom coaching, online coaching fees are certainly budget-friendly. Not to mention, you also get to save on the travel costs in this mode of learning. Besides, GMAT online courses have ensured that students from financially weak backgrounds also have access to good quality education.

Interactive content – The e-learning platforms have incorporated fun elements such as sound, animation and design into their teaching methods. This has made the learning process more enjoyable and easy to comprehend for the students. It ensures that they don’t lose interest while preparing for the exam, something that could happen when learning only from books.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages there are also many other benefits of GMAT online coaching such as getting free mock tests, sample GMAT question papers, etc. 

These mock tests and sample GMAT question papers are very handy for your preparation. They give you an idea of the structure of the paper and help you understand how to go about the sections. Let’s understand a bit more about the GMAT question paper.

GMAT Question Paper

As mentioned, solving GMAT Question Papers is beneficial towards your preparation since it will give you a clear overview of how the GMAT exam will be and the different sections it contains. You will be able to gauge how quickly you are able to solve these questions.

It will help you to identify the various difficulty levels of the questions and will acquaint you with the adaptive testing method. Adaptive Testing method means that your performance in each section will determine the level of difficulty of the next section.

The four main sections of the GMAT exam and the scoring range for each section are given below:

TopicScoring Range
Analytical Writing 0 to 6
Quantitative Reasoning6 to 51
Integrated Reasoning1 to 8
Verbal Reasoning6 to 51

The GMAT question papers will incorporate questions in the same format and difficulty level of the actual GMAT exam. Hence, you will be able to gauge in what score range you fall under and accordingly prepare for the exam further.

We hope this brief overview of the GMAT online coaching and why it is beneficial helped. All the best!