What are the must-have bird supplies you need? 

It can be your first time having a pet bird or you want to ensure you are doing the right thing. It is by giving them the appropriate essentials to give them good health and happiness for your pet. When you don’t have enough ideas on how to feed a bird or things you need to have. These will help you to know what else you need in taking good care of your bird. Or you can shop at https://www.petcity.com.au/bird/ as they have a variety of supplies for birds. 


Your pet birds need to eat a formulated diet. It means you need to buy food pellets that are ideal for birds only as it is the only base diet that they are eating. Aside from giving them bird food you can give them fresh fruits and vegetables to have nutrients. It is the same with beans, nuts, and cooked brown rice. There is a certain food you need to avoid feeding your bird which as avocado, chocolate, and onions as these are toxic to birds. 


You have to buy a birdcage that fits in your home and for your bird that allows them to spread their wings. When buying birdcages it has to be from non-toxic material, durable, and easy to clean.  For you to know that it is the right cage once they can extend their wings and high enough for those birds that have long tails. 

Food and water bowls 

Buying wide rather than deep cups will allow your bird to try tasty food items. Some cages have a built-in perch and ledge that they can balance on while they are eating and drinking. As long as the perches are not too close to the bowls it is good to have them in their cage. But when the perch is way too close, your bird tends to chew on its food bowls which is not an ideal activity. 

Cage liners 

Using newspapers, paper towels or cage liner paper will be enough to use in the cage. One good advantage of using paper over a pieced liner is easier to check their droppings to make it clean and hygienic. You can put the liner under its barrier to maintain the space between their waste and your bird. 

Hiding place

Birds like to be outside from time to time but sometimes when they want to feel safe and alone they like to have an escape hatch. When you don’t know where you can buy it, you can also make one. You have to get a paper bag, towel, or a nest box, they can now have their hiding place. 


There are no certain pets that don’t own a toy. For birds, there are certain objects that you can use for their toys. You can give them leather chews, pine cones, or rawhide to keep them busy and active. When you see a natural fiber rope you can also use it to give them diversion.