Ultimate Platform For Expanding Your Business Globally

In the business, using an online platform can help to expand globally. More companies enter new markets around the world. This system will make the process your legal support, a bank account, tax & accounting, and looking for an office space. Provide the knowledge to decide on your business. The portal is self-service and easy to use.

With this platform,Centuro Global can connect the services. The companies are able to search for information, global tax rates and banking solutions. This software engages the accomplishment and expertise to trade any jurisdiction globally.

How will it benefit your market?

  • Provide business to expand globally through the geographical base.
  • To give a great level to establish multinational firms over the global market.
  • To empower prosperity in business such as the quality, values, and bank statement.


The services to help your business

  • Global expansion.

 A business plan that the company intends to expand and market to other countries.

  • Intellectual property.

To protect the brand, cost-effectively legalize the trademarks.

  • Legal and accounting.

Accurate by consulting the needs of a business to cover the market entry, contract templates, cost of living rate, immigration, and more.

  • Government support.

To understand the investment and have a long-term vision. The objectives of a company, timescales, and economics. To have a better investment and achieve the goals.

How to visualize the growth of your business on this program

  • Company set up

Register your company to all government departments.

  • Business plan

Plan for the goals, strategies, marketing, and other financial funding.

  • Expert assessment of an idea

To analyze the concept of the market and revenue.

  • Pitch advice support

Create a key and prepare it for the investors.

  • Product testing

Test the product first launching to know the issues and effects.

  • Product/service evaluation

To evaluate your product services and the feedback on what to be improved.

  • Product development

Develop the product into a new product.

  • IP protects trademarks, designs, and creations.

To safeguard the brand name, designs, and creations.

  • Business financing

It helps to grow your capital and funds.

  • Recruitment/HR

To search for the best employee and assessment.

  • Office space advice

To search for a cost-effective office space rent.

  • Market strategy

To develop your marketing plan.

  • Operation Strategy

To streamline the employee, client, and management.

  • Legal and tax compliance

Comply with the legal and tax in accounting support.

  • IP licensing

Protect the license of IP to other accounts for new revenue.

Their innovation provides 150 countries with access and cost-effective services to find all the solutions in every business. Activate the local and international business to offer a coherent way of actionable solutions.

This platform can be complex to expand your business. To modernize the approach towards the company and make it easier to understand.