Types of Ironing Board and their advantages

Ironing boards are part of the majority of households today. The procedure of ironing clothes is made a lot swifter and easier. There are primarily 3 kinds-wall mount ironing board, portable ironing board, and the tabletop ironing board. All the 3 of the ironing boards have their benefits. To choose the most appropriate ironing board, there are certain aspects such as available space within the room, usage frequency, budget, and so on.

Wall mount ironing board

As the name says, this ironing board is mounted/fixed on the wall. When not using them, they could be folded and kept away. Certain users of wall mounted ironing boards have largely developed because of the restriction in the residing space in contemporary homes. This is a space-saving ironing board that is ideal for limited living spaces.


  • The most appropriate choice for apartments in modern times.
  • It can be fixed inside a closet.
  • No plug point extension needed.
  • Safe with kids at home.
  • Easy to fix and easy to fold.
  • User-friendly and needs no extra effort.
  • Unlike some ironing boards which can get broken upon frequent movement, the mount wall has a strong frame of body and gets less damaged.
  • With fixed ironing boards, there is no chance of folding. However, wall-mounted ones can be fixed into any room in an angle and not get collapsed.
  • Best satisfaction for a user with high endurance.
  • The total worth of money.

Portable ironing board

A portable ironing board is a general board in modern days. They are user-friendly, which can be set up within no time. It is convenient to move it from one location to another.


  • It is the framework of the portable board, which makes it very convenient.
  • The legs are flexible and can be folded for movement.
  • Changing your location of ironing often can be conveniently achieved with this type of ironing board.
  • It permits an easy to fold product and tuck it away in a safe place when you are not using it.
  • It also comes with an adjustment to height, hence convenient for smaller height people too.
  • This board is suitable for people who do ironing sitting or standing.
  • These are beneficial for bachelors living in smaller houses with small living spaces.
  • One can widen the legs and stretch for convenient ironing of clothes.

Tabletop ironing boards

Tabletop boards are very popular similar to portable ones. The major difference between the two of these boards is shorter legs. Tabletop boards are meant to be placed on the table. They are very good as portable ironing boards when it comes to the movement of its placement location.

Additional advantages (advantages same as portable ones)

  • Efficient for confined space in the room.
  • Small in size, ideal for smaller sized clothes.
  • Strong framework.

Tabletop boards are not so convenient for specific clothes sections such as pockets, sleeves or collars due to its relatively small size.

The above listed are the 3 types of ironing boards with their advantages. The only backlog is the second two are a little fragile compared to wall mount ones. For this reason, these should be made usable with total caution.