Top 5 Tips for Driving at Night in Ireland

Are you planning to drive at night in Ireland? If yes, then keep reading.

 Whether you are visiting Ireland for the first time or live here permanently, driving at night in Ireland can be one of the most challenging tasks. It is not only about Ireland, but night driving itself isn’t an easy job, especially if you are a new driver.

 If you are worried about your upcoming night ride, it’s a good sign as it shows how careful you are.

Driving at night can be restless if you haven’t done it ever before. If you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can make your coming night drive adventurous. I am covering everything from how to drive to things to keep in the trunk during your night drive in Ireland.

5 Tips to Drive Safe at Night in Ireland

Whether you are driving in Dublin or other remote locations of Ireland, these tips will make your first night drive in Ireland safe and sound.

Tip 1- Get Aware of the Driving Rules

Driving in Ireland is a lot different than in other countries. It becomes even more challenging to drive in the country at night.

Unlike other states and countries, driving in Dublin or Ireland is pretty dreadful. You will need to drive on one lane. Wherever you are traveling, you must stay on the left lane. The oncoming traffic will be on the right side of the lane. It can be a little difficult if you are especially driving on a narrow road. There are plenty of highways in Ireland that follows the same pattern for hundreds of miles. Therefore, be careful during the night drive as you need to avoid the oncoming traffic very carefully.

Tip 2- Be Ready for a Breakdown

No matter how well-maintained your car is, it can anytime malfunction and leave you alone on a dark highway.

Therefore, you must be ready for any mechanical failure in your vehicle. In case your vehicle breakdowns at night in Dublin, you can contact   Tow Truck Dublin to get instant help. It is a car towing service that has exceptionally skilled mechanics to fix your car if it malfunctions. They are available round the clock, 24/7. So, if you want to be safe while driving at night in Dublin, you should save their helpline number on your smartphone.

 Tip 3- Keep Essential Tool Kit

 During a night drive in Ireland, you must keep essential tools in your vehicle. This will assist you practically if your automobile faces a technical problem during the drive. From replacing a tire to changing the spark plugs, car repair tools can help you continue your journey even if something terrible happens.

Tip 4- Music to Keep Entertained & Awake

Getting sleepy during a night drive is a common thing, even with experienced drivers. There are a few ways to fix it, and one of the most obvious ways to stay alert and entertained at the same time is listening to music.

Tip 5- Keep Local Helpline Numbers

It’s obvious to have all helpline numbers if you live in Ireland, but if you are exploring Ireland as a tourist, you may don’t have all of them. So, carefully save all helpline numbers on your mobile phone before you start the trip. I recommend you save the road accident emergency number of Ireland and Dublin.

Wrapping It Up

That was it! I tried my best to make your Ireland night driving safe and enjoyable. I hope you have found this article helpful. And again, I would like to remind you not to forget to save the emergency contact numbers of Tow Truck Dublin and Road Accident Emergency Service.