The Best Season for a Wedding in London

London, England’s capital city, has so much culture to offer, it is hardly a surprise that it is a popular wedding destination. However, you may want to consider how the different seasons could affect the overall experience of your big day. It is important to plan in accordance with the weather, events, holidays, and your budget in order to avoid any inconvenience or disruptions when you are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Here is a guide on what to consider in terms of the seasons when planning your London wedding.


A London wedding in winter is perfect if you are excited about the idea of bringing all the family together around other festivities. Towards the end of this season, you can aim for a Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding; what better time to celebrate love than around this romantic day? Winter also offers less competition due to the colder climate, so you will have more choice with dates and cheaper deals with venues and transport; although, you may want to keep in mind that you will have to wrap up warm if you opt for a frosty “I do!”


You may be interested in a spring London wedding if you are looking for a time in between winter and summer: not too cold; not too hot; and not too competitive, either. During this season, nature comes back to life, plants start to blossom, and there is a crisp breeze in the air. There is also the opportunity for an Easter wedding if you want spring festivities involved, and keep in mind that people have usually recovered from the Christmas spending, too!


As you can imagine, summer is the most popular season to get married. Engaged couples race to make the most of the little bit of warmth that England gets at this time of year for their sunny wedding. Another benefit of a summer wedding is that those on your wedding invite list are more likely to attend, with the long school break freeing up families’ schedules (though there is the chance that trips abroad will be booked in advance). Do not forget that summer is the peak time for ongoingevents in London, so be sure to find a venue that will not be interrupted by public activity.

Running around to keep everything running smoothly on your wedding day in the heat can get you hot and bothered, so be sure to search through wedding cars London to make traveling around in your gown or suit much easier.

The Fall

Crunchy, vibrant leaves and pretty trees make a beautiful backdrop for fall weddings and with the weather being between warmer and cooler, many find it to be the perfect choice. If you are a Halloween fanatic, you can also take advantage of the last week of October and indulge in the spooky atmosphere. If this is not for you, the days of bonfires and roasting marshmallows could be more fitting. Sitting just after peak season, a fall wedding can be budget-friendly and tick all the boxes.