Sports Car Means you need to Check out 2022 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevy Corvette is an iconic vehicle and always has a high demand. The 2022 version won’t be any different as it is one of the best sports cars in the market with affordable pricing. You can buy this with a soft-top roof that is designed to open and close easily.

It is understandable if you are too excited to get this car when driving to Concord Chevrolet dealership but you should check out a few details about this amazing vehicle to understand which version of 2022 Chevrolet Corvette will be best for you.

Performance of 2022 Corvette’s powertrain

The Corvette 2022 has the same engine as its earlier variants, which is a V8 6.2L that has the power to make 490-hp along with 470 lb-ft torque. Only 2.8 seconds is needed for people to go from 0mph to 60 mph and this shows how powerful Corvette’s powertrain is. According to experts, it is the ideal sports car that can be used on road as well as on track for ultimate performance.

One of the best additions made by Chevrolet is the Z51 package that increases this car’s horsepower along with features like aggressive brakes, summer tires, etc. Shift paddles, auto transmission, and more are some of the features that make this Corvette look lively and a beast on the track.

People who got to drive this vehicle know that it handles remarkably on-road as well as on track. A driver will feel the rush of driving a sports car when he/she owns a Corvette. If you seek such a thrill, then it’s time to visit Chevrolet dealer Concord; test riding will help you experience what others feel about this vehicle.


The cabin is fit for two peopleand comes with a posh and futuristic design. From having leather upholstery to suede work on the interior, it will give a sophisticated vibe to all. A removable roof is what makes this driving a Corvette even more fun. Also, the trunk of this car can fit a few carry-ons easily. However, if the roof is folded, then it goes in that space making the space smaller.

Also, this 2022 version Corvetteoffers a trunk space in the front making it one of the largest cargo spaces in sports car category. Also, technology features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless smartphone integration, etc. To check out more features travel to your nearest dealer showroom today.

Price estimation

It is better to talk to authorized Chevy dealers to know about the exact pricing of 2022 Corvette. However, as far as one can say, starting price of 2022 Corvette will be over $62,000 and will be available in three variants and multiple colors.

These are the major things to know about the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette. Also, the pricing shows that how reasonable it is than the other sports car available in the market as well as how marvelously it is equipped with features that leave its rivals far behind.

Thus, visit a dealer and book one!