Labec: Who are they?

Labec is the most trusted manufacturer of lab equipment in Australia. It was founded in 1945 and has had a strong presence in the country in its competitor market. In the last 76 years, Labec has given its best in retaining the best of its qualities and working on its shortcomings.

They have been major contributors to great inventions and scientific developments made in hundreds of labs by providing top-notch products. Having prioritized the quality of products and customer satisfaction their business has grown each year making them the most preferred supplier for all the laboratories in Australia.

Some of their Clients:

  1. ResMed
  2. The University of Newcastle
  3. The University of Melbourne
  4. Australian Government- Department of Environment
  5. Thales
  6. Emirates

These are just a few of their clients on the tip of the tongue but the more you look at the list the more you will realize about their capabilities and trust they have gained over the years. To be the go-to manufacturer of all the highest-ranked universities in the country, government and some of the leading private organizations makes them a strong contender. It has taken care of all their customers big or small by providing all the services they need and the way they need them. They never hesitate to make changes to their products according to the client and customize the products as per their need.

There are various different services they offer to their customers. They have a very strong network throughout the country to provide seamless repairs.

Services Offered by Labec:

  1. Online Instruction manuals for any products that you have purchased.
  2. Calibration Services.
  3. They offer spare parts for all of their products and also for Gallenkamp and Qualtex
  4. Any kind of modifications that are needed for outdated equipment to make it work for additional requirements.
  5. You can perform an onsite test for any equipment you purchase.
  6.  Technical Repair services
  7. Warranty Repair

You can avail all of these services from their website. You need not go through a very lengthy process of calling people and explaining your query over and over again. All you have to do is fill a simple form explaining all the details related to your service and they will soon get in touch with you.

They have made some recent advancements after acquiring a Ceramic Engineer. They have made it possible to provide all the products that have temperature control ranging from -20’C to 1800’C. They work harder every day to improvise their current equipment and come up with much simpler products that are effective. This innovation makes things easier for researchers and scientists.

 If you would like to know more about them you can visit their website and go through their services.