Know Why Tattoos Fade and How to Prevent It

When it comes to getting tattoos, you have got a plethora of options. Not only there are millions of designs to choose from, but there are also a wide range of colours. Since tattoos last for an eternity, you must make sure they continue looking phenomenal for as long as possible.

Time is unfortunately not quite kind on tattoos. They fade over time even if you adhere to the aftercare tips with utmost caution. Light yet vibrant shades such as yellow, pink, and green fade a tad faster. Black and grey, on the other hand, are much durable. To know more regarding this, please check out the rest of the discussion now.

Why Tattoos Fade?

The people planning on getting a tattoo in Thailand or other places need to know that several factors can trigger fading.

  • Location

Fading occurs rapidly when the tattoo is on a body part that rubs against other body parts or clothes—for example- feet, fingers, back, chest, underarm, etc.

  • Artist’s Experience

An artist with a substantial amount of experience will be able to insert the ink into the correct layer of the skin. Inks that go too deep fade or cause other complications.

  • Ink Quality

The ink used for tattooing must be highly concentrated since they remain lustrous for a prolonged period.

  • Aging

Tattoos will fade when the skin ages. They would lose their former charm when wrinkles, fine lines, and creases appear on top of them.

  • Sun

Tattoos that remain protected from the harmful rays of the sun do not fade quickly.

  • Colour

Finally, yet importantly, the lighter the colours, the faster they fade. This is why watercolour tattoos have such a short lifespan.

How to Prevent Tattoo Fading?

One of the best ways to keep tattoos looking vivacious is to take proper care of them. Some of the tips for implementing include:

  • Keep the tattoos clean and well moisturised.
  • Wash the tattoo with only an antibacterial cleanser and lukewarm water.
  • For the first couple of days, use a medicated ointment.
  • Try not to pick or pull the scabs.


Even if a tattoo has started fading, you can save it. The most effective way to make a tattoo vibrant once again is by booking a touch-up session. So what exactly does a touch-up involve? Well, the faded areas receive splashes of new ink, together with various highlights. Touch-ups provide tattoos with enough texture and depth.

According to the artists working in the best tattoo shops in Thailand, the devil is usually in the details. No matter which colour you opt for, proper maintenance can enable it to last a bit more than usual. Never neglect the instructions specified at the end of a tattooing session.

A large number of vegan-friendly lotions can keep tattoos incredibly hydrated besides soothing irritation. If you start using one of these immediately after you get inked, you will be able to speed up the healing to a great extent. You may look out for other affordable alternatives in the market too!