How to Transform the Appearance of Your Eyes

The past two years have taken a huge and detrimental toll on people across the length and breadth of this country and beyond, and as a result, people’s general mental and emotional wellbeing has suffered severely.

Often, such environmental factors can also affect one’s feelings of confidence and overall levels of self-esteem and therefore, now is the time to find out individual ways to improve how you feel on the inside.

For some people, transforming their aesthetic appearance can make a huge and entirely positive difference to how they feel and as the eyes are the proverbial window to the soul, here for your information are some of the top ways to transform the appearance of your eyes.

Eye Exercises

A little known, but actually more traditional and older way of transforming the appearance of your eyes (as well as helping with clarity of vision)is to engage in daily exercises specifically designed for the eyes.

Whether your eyes are looking tired and feeling strained from using the computer all day at work, or are feeling itchy and swollen due to a lack of sleep, then a simple eye exercise may well make your eyes appear both rejuvenated and refreshed.

Cosmetic Surgery

Another avenue to seriously consider if you have experienced negative feelings around your visible appearance, particular in and around the eye area, is that of a cosmetic surgical procedure.

There are a number of common and popular cosmetic surgeries that specifically concentrate on the eyes—namely eyelid surgery and eyebrow lifts.

Brow lifts involve small incisions incredibly close to the edge of the eyebrow which surgeons can then use to tighten and lift the skin above your eyes—leaving tiny yet visible scars which heal over time. Alternatively, often such incisions are made in the hairline, in which case the scars are substantially less visible.

Eyelid surgery removes all of the excess skin tissue and fat that has built up in the eyelids themselves, again through tiny incisions in the skin. If eyelid surgery is an option that you are seriously considering, then click here to discover more information.


The world of make-up has evolved considerably since its conception and now there is a myriad of products available that may well help your eyes and the area around them appear brighter, fresher, and generally more youthful.

Carefully applied make-up can make a huge difference to the visible appearance of your eyes. Try some of the following ideas:

  • Apply three or more coats of a good-quality mascara to both your upper and lower eyelashes
  • Use eyeshadow with a slight shimmer in the very corner of each eye
  • Take the time to neatly pluck and shape your eyebrows (but be careful not to overdo it!)
  • Experiment with white eyeliner and apply it to the waterline under each eye as well as in the corners of your inner eye
  • Stop using liquid foundation or powder underneath your eyes and instead choose a pinkish or yellowish concealer instead