How Can You Increase Your Hair Growth Effectively?

Taking care of your lovely hair is not as simple as you may believe. Climate change, pollutants, and the shampoo you use all have the potential to stifle hair growth. There’s also a potential that your hair will fall out during your pregnancy. You can use some efficient techniques and methods to tackle such problems. However, before you use it, make sure it won’t cause any negative side effects. The  hair growth medication is a good option if you want to get the best results quickly.

You must consult an expert before beginning the process to receive adequate advice and direction. When you first started treatment, the medicine may have slowed down your hair loss, allowing you to enhance your hair growth gradually.

Tips to follow while undergoing hair growth treatment

  • When you are ready to begin the treatment, you must first dry and clean the scalp area before proceeding with the medication.
  • You can also use the product/medicine to treat your damaged hair. To do so, fill the applicator with a milliliter of medication.
  • Part the hair where the thinner area is found, and equally apply the remedies you’ve chosen to the damaged area of the scalp.
  • Rub gently, as if you were giving a massage, and allow the solution to dry entirely.
  • If you’re going to make some foam, make sure you thoroughly clean your hands with cold water.
  • Apply half a capful of the foam to your scalp and gently rub it in.
  • You should let the scalp alone for at least 30 minutes at this stage.

You need to ensure that this procedure does not irritate or cause any problems while you are going through it. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s best to stop taking the prescription right once to avoid serious consequences. Also, check to see if the product contains any alcohol. It’s because that could also be the source of your inflamed hair.

How Long It Takes for Re-Growth?

Without a diagnosis, your doctor cannot prescribe you any medication. You must go through the fundamental stages of examination, which include a blood test, which may help them discover medical concerns. The pull test is the second test, during which your doctor will gently pull up several dozens of hairs and count how many came out. This will aid in determining the stage of the shedding process. The following step is a scalp biopsy, which is used to examine the microscope’s primary cause. They will only prescribe you medication after they have analyzed the test.

The medication takes a while to work in your hair. You must wait patiently for the hair to grow. If you started using the hair growth medication regularly, you will gain the fastest and safest results.