A summary about the history of landscapes Paints

Nowadays, one of the most popular subjects in artwork collections is landscape painting. In fact, currently, it is even more popular like it has ever been before. It wasn’t that popular back because it’s somehow challenging to paint than other types of painting. Since painting a landscape is quite challenging, you will have to consider some essential factors to succeed.

 These basic factors include light, texture, color, and perspectives. However, the list of these features is endless, depending on the type of landscape and creativity. In fact, landscape painting has become even more challenging since most artists strive to tackle more complex artwork with different view art. Here are various aspects that determine the history of landscape paintings.


Landscape painting began to experience a popularity surge during the renaissance era. Artists have been looking back at how Romans and Greek portrayed landscapes. Through that, they’ve learned to appreciate it from any point of view. However, according to other peoples, it was not that a subject that matters. Others would even use them to portray religious scenes and background images. They’ve gradually learned several ways of manipulating them to express feelings of the subject any either foreground or background.

17th century

Back in the 17th century, two countries were recognized with flourishing landscape painting. These two countries were Netherlands and Italy. When the Netherlands won independence against Spain, most people in the Netherlands rejected the religious figure paintings since they symbolized Spanish rule. That’s when Dutch artists started Dutch landscape painting. Since then, the Italian landscape became a great inspiration for Dutch painters.

Britain and France

During the 18th-century, popularity spread all other Europe and became thanks to people exploring different cultures and countries as among the grand tour. Several landscape artists also gained prominence recognition for their innovation and work. For instance, other famous artists like Canaletto gained a reputation for the landscape painting they introduced in Venice. Additionally, France’s Watteau made people enjoy country picnics and walk to various Landscape paints.


Photographs were used to take pictures that would capture the image exactly as it is, and so the artist finds it no use in portraying landscapes as the way they appear accurate. Some of them started to interpret the landscapes in creative ways. New equipment is now allowed for air painting that rapidly grew in popularity. Most artists would even invest in the world of spontaneous landscape panting as they continue to come across them.

21st century

Landscape painting has remained the popular subject of the matter up to date. Most artists continue to witness the newest equipment that emerges in the artwork industry based on view art. Other artists are even combining them with cityscapes to provide contrast within the manmade and natural landscape.