5 Electric Scooter Accessories You Need to Have!

Electric bikes or scooters are a fantastic way to get around. They are eco-friendly and many people find them more portable and even trendy.

When you purchase one, you may be super keen to jump on and ride it straight right away. However, you need to think about the accessories that could make your bike ride safer and more efficient.

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And think aboutthe accessories that every electric scooter owner should have.


Most people take their electric scooters to run errands. Or take them to work. So you’ll need to leave it parked outside at some point, which is why you’ll need a lock. It’s an unfortunate fact, that electric scooters are one of the most popular items to steal. If you are uncertain what type of lock would be best to protect your bike, here are some ideas

There are three types of locks that you can use to secure your electric scooter: the cable lock, the chain lock, and the U/D-Lock. 

Tire Sealant

Tire sealant or slime, prevents and repairs flat tires. If you have a scooter that has pneumatic tires, then this is a must-have. And you should use it before you begin riding. If something sharp pokes the tire, the air pressure forces the slime out from the inside of the tire and into the puncture hole. The hole is filled with the slime and once exposed to fresh air, the slime cures and seals the puncture. If you need to re-inflate a tire that has been sealed with slime, you’ll need specific recommendations and instructions.

Reflective Clothing

This may not be the coolest-looking accessory! But it is vital for safety, so you should slip it on, over whatever you’re wearing – allowing you to be more visible to cars and other people on the road.

There are fashionable options, such as reflective cycling jackets. Or to save money, you could use an LED armband, which is an effective and affordable accessory. These come in a range of colors but in order to keep you and any other riders safe on the road, you will need at least one large piece of reflective clothing.

Phone Holder

You’ll want to have your phone with you,for all eventualities. Phone holders are mounted on the scooter handlebars, and will keep your phone safely in place- check the sizing, as not every holder will work for your phone. Consider a waterproof phone holder to keep your phone protected from the rain. Handlebar size matters too, to get the best grip.


Eye protection is important to protect your eyes against wind, bugs, and rain, which can make it difficult to see. Cycling sunglasses keep the sunlight from blocking your vision – be sure to look into the tint of the lenses, to find the best shade for you. Shielding your eyes from the sun, will give you clearer vision while out and about on your bike.