5 Biggest Obstacles To Any Full Body Tanning

Most people want to look sunkissed without sitting in the sun to tan because it takes a lot of time. Some have the time to tan in the sun but cannot get full-body tanning unless they are on a nude beach. Here are five challenges to any entire body tanning:

      1. Failing To Prepare Your Body for Even Tanning

Achieving the perfect glow can be a problem even when done by a professional. But, you can minimize such situations by prepping your body before a tanning session. For the perfect tan, your skin should be clean and dried off water or oils.

Start by removing hair under your arms, legs, or any hair that might prevent even tanning. Use shaving cream and a body wash to prevent irritation. The other step is to exfoliate your whole body gently with a loofah or scrub.

Pay extra attention to knees, elbows, and ankles, or other areas that tend to be drier to avoid patchy or streaky tans. Exfoliating helps remove proteins in the outer skin layer that interfere with DHA’s ability to tan.

      2. Not Using a Hydrating Moisturizer

Another obstacle to getting a good tan is failing to moisturize your skin. Always hydrate your skins several days before your tanning session and focus on your ankles, knees, and elbows. But, you should not apply any lotion immediately before getting the tan as it can lead to uneven coloring.

      3. Having Inner Wears During Full Body Tanning

A full body tan covers every inch of your body except for the scalp, lips, and eyes. So, having inner-wear can prevent you from getting the best full-body tan.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry about nudity or feel uncomfortable because you will be dealing with a professional. Besides, you also get massages and facials without inner-wear. 

      4. Using the Wrong Products

Another obstacle is using the wrong products. For example, using a product with alcohol can create an unbalanced toning on your body. Alcohol causes uneven fading because it leads to skin drying out faster.

If your skin dries faster than it should, discolorations and patches develop. However, a water-based solution dries as it should, giving your skin time to absorb the tan effectively and evenly.

Also, If you want to tan your face, you can use specific products designed for the face. An experienced beautician should guide you to the right products. Remember, your skin type is unique, and you should use specific products to get the tan you want.

      5. Dealing With an Inexperienced Beautician

You must ask for an experienced beautician; otherwise, you risk getting unwanted results. When tanning your skin, you want someone that knows about your skin type and the products they are using. Your skin must be carefully observed to avoid mistakes.

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